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Asian Cockroach, Asian Roach

Products for Asian Cockroach Control

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Indoors: Residual sprays such as Suspend SC, Demon EC or Talstar Concentrate will kill roaches that crawl on treated surfaces.  However, most of your elimination methods should be focused on the exterior of the structure.  Your exterior treatment should be applied in late afternoon/ early evening.  This is the time period when Asian flying roaches are most active.  Spray the exterior of the structure, paying close attention to areas around or close to lights (where these flying roaches are most likely to land) and around windows, doors or other entry points where the invading bugs enter the building.
You should also spray the ground, especially grass, leaf piles, mulched areas, compost piles or other such vegetation where these roaches are most likely to crawl, feed or hide.
A good alternative to spraying for Asian Roaches is to use Maxforce Gel Roach Bait.

If Maxforce roach bait is used indoors, do not spray any rooms where bait is to be applied.  Insecticide bug sprays will repel roaches from your bait, contaminate baits (making them unattractive to pests) and will also kill the roaches before they can begin the domino effect of the bait.  Each roach feeding on Maxforce Gel Roach Bait can kill up to 50 more roaches through contact and the cannibalistic characteristics of roaches.  Also, young roaches (nymphs) have no teeth and many times depend on adult roach droppings for nourishment because they cannot eat solid food particles.
Outdoors: The same pesticides (mentioned above) should be used to thoroughly spray all mulch, ground covers, grass and soil around the perimeter of the building.  Although the entire lawn (turf grass) can be sprayed, the treatment would only be effective if applied in late evening or when the population of roaches is at its maximum numbers.  Many professionals will spray the exterior of the home, but will also broadcast a granular bait (labeled for roaches) in the effected turf grass.  Niban G or Maxforce Granular would be the best baits for this particular application.  When treating larger areas, Niban G is more economical.  If there is no danger of birds, dogs, non-target animals or wildlife ingesting your bait, molecricket bait sometimes works on these roaches -- if the bait is fresh!  If you are not sure of the molecricket bait's freshness, do not waste your time or money.  Use a professional bait you can depend on.  Maxforce Granular Bait and Niban G are the best if you wish to bait your lawn and flower beds for Asian Cockroaches or any other outdoor roach.

In summary, you should attack an Asian cockroach infestation with non-chemical and chemical pest control methods:

  • Limit outdoor lighting from dusk until 3 hours after sundown.
  • Rake up and dispose of all possible vegetation litter (leaves, grass clippings.)
  • Broadcast Talstar Concentrate (using hose end sprayer) over lawn and shrubs.
  • Spray exterior of house (using pump type garden sprayer) with Suspend SC, Demon EC, or Talstar Concentrate.  Talstar is best for this job.


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