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Last updatedLast updated: July 13, 2022
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Replacement Parts and Complete B&G Sprayers

Complete Units Stainless Tanks B&G Pump Units Wands B&G Tips

All sales final on B&G parts & equipment; make sure you understand which sprayer replacement parts you need.  If you need assistance, contact us.

Complete B&G Sprayers

B&G Stainless Steel Professional Sprayer    B&G Sprayer Manual (PDF)

Description Item  #
B&G Sprayer Complete,
1 gallon, 8″ Ext.
B&G Sprayer Complete,
1 gallon, 18″ Ext.


Tanks, Tank Parts

Description Item  #
Tank, 1 Gallon
W/Hose & Adaptor, Syphon Tube
Hose, Red D-50
Hose Washer D-51-P
Syphon Tube, brass OS-297
Hose Adaptor HA-298

Pump Units

To see pump assembly breakdown, go to B&G Diagram Picture.

Description Item  #
Pump Unit, Complete PO-265
Front Plate Cup Spreader NP-270
Cup, Leather NP-271
Polypropylene Plunger Cup NP-277
Koroseal Tank Gasket P-268
Lock Washer, stainless P-269A
Plunger Nut, stainless
(2 required)
Back Plate, stainless P-272
Brass Cap P-274
Brass Handle P-275
Plunger Lock Spring P-276
Brass Pump Cylinder PO-267
Plunger Rod, stainless PO-273
Check Valve PV-266

Wands, Extenda-Ban Valves, parts

Extenda-Ban Parts Diagram

Description Item  #
Extenda-Ban Valve, Complete
9″ Ext. with Multeejet
Tip Assembly
Extenda-Ban Valve, Complete
18″Ext. with Multeejet
Tip Assembly
Extenda-Ban Valve, Complete
18″ Ext. with C&C
Tip Assembly
Valve Trigger

(includes Trigger, Screw and Housing)
(see trigger kit) TS-141
(see trigger kit) SH-142
Strainer Adaptor SA-143
Screen Support and Screen (SS-144)  MS-145
(support and screen, above)
Nylon Gasket NG-146
Valve Body VB-147
Adjustment Screw AS-148
Locknut LN-149
Packing Nut, stainless
(before 1999)
Packing Nut w/Seal
(after 1999)
Valve Packing, Teflon
(3 required)
9″ Valve Cable VC-152
18″ Valve Cable VC-153
8″ Curved Extension VE-154
18″ Curved Extension VE-155
Valve Spring VS-156
Seat Stem Locknut SSL-157
Seat Stem SS-158
Soft Seat Gasket SP-159
Snap Ring SR-161
Safety Lock Nut SL-162

Multeejet Tips, Nozzles, Parts

Description Item  #
Tip Gasket 4190
Retainer Ring 4596
Multeejet C&C
Plastic Straw Extension
4-Way Tip Only 5800
Tip Assembly Complete 5850
C&C Tip Only 5800-CC
Multeejet C&C
Tip Assembly Complete
Modified Assembly 9751-M
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