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Active Ingredients: 99.95 % naphthalene

Bat removal from attics can usually be done by use of Bat A-Way alone.  In severe cases, the use of one Quad Blaster ultrasonic device or several Transonic Pro sonic devices might be necessary.  Where bats are a constant, reoccurring problem the Quad Blaster (QB-4) works best.                  *How to order Bat A-Way (Bat Scat)*

Bat Away Bat Removal Granules Laboratory testing has shown us how acute the hearing, smell, taste and vision of these animals are. All of us are familiar with the echo-locating capabilities of bats, just as we are with the association with "Count Dracula" of the movies. It is the nighttime, sinister feeling of guilt by association that rules our fears of this animal. There is in fact little to fear from this animal except that its ecological lifestyle is not acceptable in close proximity to man!


The formation of bat colonies wherever they are located produces serious side effects from the performance of good deeds. (These side effects are inter- connected for satisfactory habitat living.)

    1. Bats produce very large amounts of guano and urine which are used to raise ambient temperature and humidity of their habitat.
    2. The levels of ammonia and spores of this histoplasmosis fungus are both detrimental to man and unacceptable in any concentrations.
    3. Bats colonize in large groups for both socialization, and the rearing, and protection of their young.
    4. Bats have the same water consumption needs as all other animals.


The physical makeup of the bat is what allows Dr. T's repellents to work. Here's how it works;

    1. Most bats have a Jacobson's organ like that of snakes. Bats also have Stenson's canal which leads to the vomeronasal organ or olfactory bulb.
    2. The Stenson's canal performs many of the functions as the snakes Jacobson's organ when the organ is used as a olfactory bulb only.
    3. Chemoreception is used in mating, individual, and offspring recognition. It is so sensitive that it can distinguish between natural and synthetic food odors. It is used to locate water and determine humidity levels.
    4. Naphthalene is thought to temporarily inhibit the abilities inherent in Stenson's canal, and Jacobson's organ much like it inhibits senses in snakes.


Benzene compounds of a singular chemical nature (naphthalene) have immediate side effects when introduced into a bats physical system. This inflammatory stimuli produces the following reactions, none of which are destructive or permanent;

    1. Temporary loss of olfactory recognition capabilities, by directly effecting both Jacobson's organ or the olfactory bulb.
    2. Inhalation causes a blood gas exchange variance which immediately constricts both arterial and venal tissue. (Increase in CO2 concentration levels in the blood).

This ecological variance is enough to alter the bat self created micro-climate and forces the bat to migrate, the primary focus of bat removal. The limits of tolerance or endurance are genetically endowed for any species. Movement is a fundamental biological response to adversity.

Eliminating bats from attics can usually be done by use of Bat A-Way alone.  In severe cases, the use of  Quad Blaster ultrasonic device  might be necessary.  Where bats are a constant, reoccurring problem the Quad Blaster (QB-4) works best for electronic bat removal.

Order Bat A-Way (Bat Scat)
Bat A-Way
Cannot be shipped to AL, AK, CA, CT, DC, FL, HI, ID, IN, KY, KS, MA, MT, NY, NV, OK, PA, TN, TX.

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