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BB Pro, BroadBand Pro

Programmable Bird and Animal Repeller

This Bird-X pest repeller combines sonic and ultrasonic to scare away problematic birds.
BroadBand Pro information.
How to order Bird-X BroadBand Pro.

The BB Pro (BroadBand Pro, Broad Band, Bill Board) is the ultimate in bird control and nuisance animal control.  Bird-X has taken the different sounds and frequencies developed for the Critter Blaster Pro, Super Bird Expeller Pro and Ultrason X units and incorporated them into this supreme electronic pest repeller.  Natural and synthesized bird distress calls, bird predator sounds and three different frequencies of ultrasonic beams flowing from four professional speakers is too much for turkey vultures, sparrows, pigeons, crows, starlings, deer, raccoons and other animals to deal with!

BroadBand-Pro Bird Repelller

The BB Pro uses:

  • Multiple ultrasonic frequencies used in the Quadblaster and Ultrason X animal repellers.
  • Natural bird distress sounds from the Super Bird Expeller Pro that confuse and frighten birds.
  • Natural predator sounds from the Super Bird Expeller Pro which make think nuisance birds that they are in danger of being attacked by a predator bird.
  • Synthetic sounds from the Critter Blaster Pro.  Humans can easily distinguish synthetic sounds from natural sounds but nuisance pigeons, sea gulls, sparrows, starlings and other noisy or messy birds cannot tell the difference.  The advantage of a synthetic bird sound is in results - man made bird distress sounds are more frightening to nuisance wildlife.
  • Four speakers that can be easily placed in areas for maximum effectiveness.  Each speaker cable is 100 feet long.  Speakers can all be pointed directly at the nesting or roosting site for immediate stress on the bird population.  Once the offending birds have moved from the area, speakers can now be centrally located, pointing outwards to help prevent re-infestation.
  • Simple but dynamic controls that allow for different combinations of bird sounds, how often the unit sends out sounds and volume control.  At the beginning of the bird control operation, volume might need to be set high for maximum effect.  These sounds can be lowered or turned off during certain times; you do not want neighbors to be alarmed by bird and predator sounds while their families are trying to sleep!
    Once the initial phase of bird control (scaring birds from designated areas) or nuisance wildlife has been completed, your Broad Band Pro can be set at levels that are not irritating to humans in the area.  You might occasionally be questioned by neighbors or customers about the sounds made by your Broad Band Pro but it will not take long for the sounds to become a natural part of the area.  Another option is to let the ultrasonic part of the system to work during all hours of the day and night while using the audible options during hours when people will not be disturbed.

Keep birds off cell phone towers, radio and television towers and dishes, awnings, billboards and signs, using combinations of ultrasonic, sonic distress sounds, sonic predator sounds.

Broad Band Pro Bird Repeller

Targets pest birds with an unrelenting combination of species-specific distress cries, predators, general harassments, and newest-technology ultrasonic waves!

Harmless. BroadBand Pro’s sounds chase the birds away without harming them.

Heavy-duty “surround sound”. Separate control box plus four powerful directional speakers (each with 100’ of wire) offer greatest all-around flexibility.

Easy Operation. 110vAC electricity, adaptor included.
COVERS one entire sign or billboard any size (or equivalent).
  • ULTRASONIC SOUNDS stand guard all day and night!
        Powerful Ultrasonics round out the sound attack.
  • SOUND HARASSMENTS deliver an all-bird defense.
        3 Harassments are an extra incentive to leave.
  • DISTRESS CRIES indicate danger!
        Distress Cries target Starlings, Gulls & Pigeons.
  • PREDATOR SOUNDS provide an added menace!
        3 Predator Cries add terror and realism.

    #BB-PRO-110 BroadBand Pro

    Billboards, signs & towers are particularly attractive to birds.


    Dimensions Control Unit 9 x 9 x 5; speakers 4 x 4 x 6
    Speakers 8 ohms, 30 watts
    Weight 15 pounds
    Coverage One billboard, any size, double- or single-sided
    Power Requirements 110vAC (220vAC available)
    Sound Pressure Ultrasonic sounds 95-102 dB (each speaker) @ 1 m.
    Sonic 105-110 dB (each speaker) @ 1 meter
    Frequency Ultrasonic 15-25 KHz, Sonic 3-5 kHz
    Compliance Supply power source is UL and CE listed.
    EPA Est. 075310-OR-001

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