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Bed Bug Control Information

This is the basic information needed for bed bug control and products used in bed bug control.
For more detailed bed bug information (biology, habits, control of bed bugs) go to 
Bed Bug: Elimination, Description of Bed Bugs, Common Bedbug

NEW: Bed Bug Combo Kit containing all MGK products.

Put simply, you will need an insecticide for residual on bed frames, baseboards, etc. as well as an insecticide dust for application to areas where bed bugs hide but where sprays do not reach.
Delta Dust applied with a hand bellows duster does an excellent job.
There are three insecticide concentrates to choose from: Insecticide Concentrates  
Gentrol can be added to your insecticide spray for an extra edge in bed bug control.
is an aerosol which can be applied to mattresses and other sensitive areas.

Bed Bug Control

Step 1: Extensive examination to locate possible bed bug harborage.

Step 2: Elimination of any clutter which can contribute to bed bugs or give them places to hide.

Step 3: Washing all possible clothing and bedding items in hot water.  Hot wash and/or dry will kill many bed bugs.

Step 4:  Application of products to kill bed bugs and to help prevent their spread or re-infestation.

Products to kill bed bugs can be adjusted to fit your situation.  For instance, a heavily infested room needs a great deal more attention than a room that is only  suspected of or has a light infestation.
There are four products that can be used:

  1. Residual spray for baseboards, flooring, etc.

  2. Bed bug spray which can be used on mattresses.

  3. Insect growth regulators (IGR) which is added to residual spray; helps stop reproduction and growth of bed bugs as well as other pests.  The use of an insect growth regulator to inhibit bed bugs is a topic being debated in the industry.  Some studies show poor results; other studies show Hydroprene is helping stunt the growth of bedbugs.  Hydroprene is the active ingredient in Gentrol concentrate.

  4. Insecticide dust for cracks and crevices. Crack and crevice work is simply applying an insecticide into areas where bugs hide but where you cannot reach with residual, liquid sprays.

Bedlam Insecticide is an aerosol that can be sprayed on mattresses and other items.  Can also be used in cracks and crevices but not quite as effective as an insecticide dust for these areas.  Some of our customers will take Bedlam when traveling, staying in motels, hotels or even another home, as prevention against picking up bed bugs.
More Bedlam information.        

Most popular products for residual spray:

Temprid  SC Insecticide combines  two powerful residual insecticide chemicals, beta-cyfluthrin and Imidacloprid .  Temprid SC controls resistant bed bugs for more than 30 days, even on surfaces where many other products have failed. In addition, Temprid SC kills bed bug eggs when applied as a direct treatment and, more surprisingly, dried residues prevent eggs from hatching.
More Temprid SC information.        

Onslaught Insecticide is popular for customers who have been using Suspend SC but would like to rotate to a different pesticide.  Onslaught made by same company that invented Nyguard IGR and Bedlam aerosol.
More Onslaught information.      More Nyguard IGR information     

DeFense SC Insecticide is popular for its control of spiders, bedbugs as well as general household pest control use.
More DeFense SC information.        

Gentrol IGR is an insect growth regulator that effects bed bugs and roaches by inhibiting their ability to mature and reproduce.  Can be used alone or mixed with your insecticide solution.
Gentrol works for 90 days or longer.
Gentrol inhibits growth of roaches, bed bugs.
More Gentrol IGR information 

Crack and Crevice Products

Most popular products for applying to cracks and crevices:

  1. Drione Dust or Pyganic Dust (both contain silica gel and pyrethrins)
  2. Delta Dust
  3. Hand bellows duster
  4. Bedlam Aerosol

Delta Dust is a water-proof, odorless insecticide dust which is applied to cracks and crevices - areas where bed bugs hide but where your sprays cannot reach.
More Delta Dust information.           

Hand bellows duster is an excellent tool for properly applying insecticide dusts into cracks and crevices.  Delta Dust can be applied from its own container but a hand duster allows for neater application and makes the job a great deal easier.
Hand Bellows Duster Information