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Bed Bug Elimination

Pest Control for Common Bed Bugs

The following products are needed for use in safely eliminating bed bug infestations in your home.  For this pest control job you will need an insecticide spray, insecticide dust, applicators for both dust and spray.Control Bed Bugs
Sprays are applied to areas where bed bugs crawl in their search for food and harborage.  This includes baseboards, bed posts, carpet underneath and around beds, etc.
Dusts are used in areas where bed bugs hide but where sprays cannot reach.

Insecticide Spray

The best sprays to use for killing bed bugs:

D-Fense SC   Onslaught   Temprid SC   Suspend SC

These concentrated insecticides are labeled for killing bed bugs and many other pests.  All are either odorless or super low odor products that are water-safe for fabrics.  They are also labeled for spraying mattresses for bedbug control.  Always read and follow label instructions.

These are suspension concentrate insecticides that are labeled for indoor use.  Water safe for fabrics and safe for use in homes where children and pets are present, when labeled instructions are followed and treated surfaces have been allowed to dry.  Apply using a pump type garden sprayer.  Use D-Fense or Onslaught for prevention and elimination of various household pests such as spiders, roaches, ants, carpenter ants, fleas and ticks.  Temprid is best used for bedbugs, ants and other household pests.

Each pint of D-Fense SC will make 10 to 20 gallons of odorless insecticide spray solution and costs less than Suspend SC.  Leaves no visible residue on dark surfaces.

Order D-Fense SC 

Each bottle of Temprid SC will make 25 to 50 gallons of solution and costs

Order Temprid SC

Demand CS, Cyzmic CS (same as Demand) and Tempo SC have also been reported to give good residual control of bedbugs.  Their only disadvantage is that they are not labeled for broadcast spraying.  When dealing with bedbugs, broadcast spraying is not usually required yet many technicians find themselves applying such a treatment to satisfy their customers.  Bottom line: D-Fense SC, Cyzmic CS, Suspend SC, Demand CS, Onslaught and Tempo SC will all do a good job when bedbug control is needed.  D-Fense SC can be broadcast indoors, if needed.

Insecticide Dust

Drione Dust is the best to use for killing bed bugs.  Use a hand bellows type duster to apply Drione to cracks, crevices, entry points and hiding places of various household pests.  Each one pound container of Drione Dust  is usually enough to treat an average size home.

Order Drione Dust

When Drione dust is not available, use Delta Dust instead.

Order Delta Dust 1 pound 
Order Delta Dust 5 Pound 

Application Equipment for Insecticide Concentrates and Dusts

Chapin Sprayer

Use this sprayer to apply insecticides such as Onslaught or D-Fense to areas in and around your home and landscaping areas.  

Order Chapin Sprayer

Crusader Duster

Use this hand bellows duster for precise application of insecticide dusts such as Drione Dust, Delta Dust

Order Crusader Duster

Cyzmic CS    Drione Dust    Delta Dust    Cyzmic CS

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