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B&G Equipment Catalog

B G Sprayers    B G Sprayer Parts    B G Electric Foggers    B G Electric Duster   B&G Versa-Foamer 4000 

Pest control operators and other professionals rely on dependable pest control equipment from B G Equipment Company.  BG stainless steel pump pressure sprayers are used by more pest control operators and spray technicians than all other similar sprayers in the United States.  The sprayer has a stainless steel tank and brass components that all pest professionals need for many years of dependable work.  Use genuine BG replacement parts when repairing or for simple maintenance of the equipment.
B G Sprayer Information, including pricing and how to order.

B G Replacement Parts, Professional Stainless Sprayer 

Replacement parts for B G sprayer are listed so that you can easily find the parts needed to keep your equipment in reliable working order.  Pest control operators and their technicians know the basic breakdown of the sprayer parts:
Tank Assembly    Pump Assembly    Spray Wand Assembly    Tip Assembly

Breakdown of B&G Professional Sprayer

When going over a B&G sprayer manual, diagram or parts list, it is best to remember that B&G separates the sprayer into four different basic groups:

B&G Tank Assembly    B&G Pump Assembly    B&G Wand Assembly    B&G Tip Assembly 

Complete Listing of B G Sprayer Parts 

The B&G tank assembly includes the stainless steel tank and other parts such as hose adaptor and siphon tube.
B&G Pump Assembly is available complete or in individual parts, including check valve, gaskets, springs, pump cylinder, brass cap, brass handle and other similar parts that make up the pump assembly.  Each part is listed with its common name and B&G part number.  This is done to make it easier to locate and order the part you need.  For example, part number PV-266 is also called the check valve.
B&G Ban-Drip Spray Wands are also listed as a separate group.  We carry the two standard lengths used by most professionals: 9 inch and 18 inch.  These wands are available in completed form as well as individual parts.
B&G Tip Assembly makes up the last group of parts.  It is made up of sprayer tip, crack and crevice straws and other parts that make up the tip assembly.

B G Electric Foggers

The most widely used foggers made by B&G are the Flex-A-Lite and the My-Ti-Lite.  Both of these units are cold foggers.  Pest control operators prefer to use cold foggers (instead of thermal foggers) because they put out a cleaner fog or mist.
The My-Ti-Lite Fogger is set to put out a mist or fog at the rate of 9 ounces per minute.  For more versatility, use the Flex-A-Lite Fogger.  The Flex-A-Lite fogger allows you to adjust the droplet size of your fog.  Smaller droplets float or drift longer than a large droplet.  Larger droplets fall faster, a characteristic that is favorable when using outdoors for mosquitoes, flying insects and other pests.  The flexible hose feature allows precise application of fog.

B G Electric Duster

When jobs require power dusting, the B G Electric Duster is best.  This duster helps you apply dust in even layers and gives the power needed to cover areas such as attics and crawl spaces.  (For great knockdown and residual, combine Drione Dust and Delta Dust!)

Follow these links to find B&G products, the #1 choice for pest control operators.  We carry the original replacement parts for your B&G stainless steel sprayer.  If you need B&G sprayers, parts, electric duster, electric foggers -- you've come to the right place!
For special orders (2 gallon sprayers, 3 gallon sprayers, extra-long wand extensions, etc.) contact us via e-mail or call 800-434-4555.  Our technicians are available to serve you between 8:30 and 4:30 weekdays, Central Time.

B&G Stainless Steel Professional Sprayers Original Parts for B&G Sprayers
B&G Electric Foggers B&G Electric Duster

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