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Bird Deterrents for Humane
Bird Control

Birds are usually beneficial but can become a nuisance by destroying crops, contaminating buildings with droppings and creating sound problems when present in great numbers in unwanted areas.  Bird control can be achieved humanely without causing physical harm to the animals by using bird and animal control devices.  This page will help you navigate to the bird control products you need.

Quick View of Bird Control Devices  

Ultrasonic Bird and Animal Repeller Sonic Bird Repeller Visual Bird and Animal Scare Devices Bird and Animal Taste and Roost Deterrents

For every situation there can be a different solution, requiring different products or methods and usually a combination of devices.  When using an electronic device (audible or ultrasonic) it is best to enhance the device with a visual scare device.  A visual and audible combination will give you faster results and will also give you the long lasting bird control you need.

It is best to combine visual scare devices such as Irri-Tape and one or two Terror Eyes when using a professional electronic bird repeller.  The best electronic bird repellers are the Super BirdXPeller PRO,  Critter Blaster Pro or the BroadBand Pro, devices used to repel pigeons, starlings, sparrows, gulls, woodpeckers, crows, blackbirds, grackles or geese.  Many golf courses are now using the Goose Buster, a professional unit that has been specifically designed to keep destructive or intrusive geese from high maintenance areas.  The Critter Blaster Pro will scare birds and animals in problem areas where optimum results are needed but where the sounds made to scare nuisance wildlife will not irritate humans, pets or domestic animals.
The Critter Blaster Pro uses synthetic (man made) sounds that are far more frightening to wildlife than natural bird sounds.
The Super BirdXPeller Pro is an audible unit designed to repel birds.  The Critter Blaster Pro is an audible unit that is designed for birds and animals.  Ultrason X can be used for birds and animals, although its ultrasonic frequencies work better for animals than it does for birds.

The ultimate repeller for scaring birds is the BroadBand Pro (BB Pro).  This super bird repeller combines natural bird distress calls, natural bird predator sounds, synthetic distress calls and three different ultrasonic frequencies which bombard your targeted wildlife problem.
The BB Pro is a combination of three professional bird and wildlife deterrent systems: Super BirdXPeller Pro, Critter Blaster Pro and Ultrasonix.  This gives you a tremendous number of combinations of ultra-sonic, synthetic bird and animal sounds as well as real bird distress calls and predator sounds.


For smaller jobs, combining a Scarecrow with Irri-Tape or Prowler Owl will work for small birds and woodpeckers.  The electronic Scarecrow is also an excellent tool for controlling deer and other wildlife that causes damage to gardens, fruit trees and flower beds.
For gardens, combine the Prowler Owl with the Scarecrow.  Unlike the old-fashioned plastic owls (that rarely work,) the Prowler Owl stays in an attack position with wings extended.  It will also move with wind currents, giving birds and small animals the impression that they are about to be attacked.  The Prowler Owl can be pole mounted or suspended by small string or fishing line.

Bird and Animal Control Devices

Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

Many people prefer to use silent, ultrasonic repellers for bird control, although this type of unit does not always work as well as audible units for stubborn or persistent bird problems.  Ultrasonic units are usually used to repel animals or to prevent bird problems.

  • Ultrason X Ultrasonic Bird and Animal Repeller - Helps prevent birds from roosting, nesting in indoor and outdoor areas; uses several different ultra sonic frequencies that irritate and repel bats, rats, mice, squirrels and other animals.  Will repel birds to some extent but is best used for repelling animals.

  • Quadblaster QB-4 Ultra Sonic Bird Repeller - For indoor use only.  Uses one frequency of ultra sonic waves to irritate unwanted birds and animals.  Does not work on birds as well as the BroadBand Pro or Super Bird Expeller Pro.

  • BroadBand Pro (also known as Bill Board Pro or BB Pro) - This unit is included in the Ultrasonic Bird Repeller list but it utilizes several different types of sounds, unlike the Ultrason X which uses only ultrasound.
    The BB Pro will be described in more detail in the Sonic Bird Repellers section.

Sonic Bird Repellers

  • GooseBuster (Ducks & Geese)  - Super unit designed to keep nuisance geese from being disruptive and destructive in large areas such as golf courses.

  • Super BirdXPeller PRO - Audible unit which uses natural distress calls of several different species of birds.  Also uses natural bird predator sounds to frighten birds.  The Super BirdXPeller Pro works on birds only.

  • Critter Blaster PRO - The sounds produced by this unit are synthesized bird distress cries and bird predator sounds that are even more menacing and frightening to nuisance animals than those natural sounds projected by the Super BirdXPeller Pro.  This unit produces sounds that can be irritating to people and care should be taken to place and use it in areas where people will not complain about its use.  The Critter Blaster Pro will work on birds and animals.

  • BroadBand Pro - This is the ultimate in bird control.  As mentioned in the previous repeller descriptions, there are different types of sounds that can be used to scare, irritate and confuse birds which, in turn, repels birds.  The BroadBand Pro uses all of the different types of sounds to literally bombard the targeted pests: natural predator sounds, natural bird distress cries, synthetic or man-made bird and predator sounds as well as three different frequencies of ultra sonic waves.  The reason for this super combination is simple: birds and animals can eventually get accustomed to almost any sight, sound or sensation.  By using all available sound types (and varying the sequence as well as combinations of sounds) the targeted pest cannot get used to the repelling tactics.
    An example of animals becoming accustomed to a scare device is the original, simple plastic owl used by thousands of people.  If the plastic owl is placed in one location and is never moved, it is not at all uncommon to see pigeons or sparrows actually nesting on or behind the owl!
    Another example is the sight of birds sitting next to a busy Interstate highway, patiently waiting for cars to pass so that they can feed on garbage and carcasses of animals killed by automobiles and trucks.  These birds have not only become accustomed to a scary object, but they have now accepted fast moving vehicles.  
    When dealing with large bird problems or when protecting museums, airports, casinos and other valuable properties, use the BroadBand Pro.  Your pest birds (or other nuisance wildlife) will not become accustomed to the complete arsenal of humane but effective BroadBand Pro.

Visual Scare Devices

  • Terror Eyes  Large, round scare device that looks like a menacing predator to small animals and birds.  Great for use in a garden or for using in combination with an electronic repeller.

  •   Irri-Tape  Use this flexible material in single strips or in groups to scare sparrows, woodpeckers or small birds from buildings or gardens.

  • Prowler Owl  This is not your standard plastic owl.  The Prowler Owl not only looks like an attacking bird, it also moves with the wind, giving it a realistic look that confuses and scares small animals and birds.

  • Bird-Lite Use this multi-colored, blinking light as an add-on tool with other visual scare devices or with the Quadblaster, Ultrason X, Bird Expeller Pro.

  • Gator Guard  Realistic floating alligator head.  Used primarily in koi ponds or other fish ponds to frighten herons or other birds that feed on fish.  Also helps frighten destructive raccoons that are koi pond predators.

  • Scarecrow  This battery powered, motion activated device shoots a harmless stream of water when nuisance wildlife crosses its path.

Roost Inhibitors/Taste Aversions

Bird Proof
Goose Chase
B-X Safety Solvent


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