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Products for Repelling Nuisance Birds

Sonic repellers, ultrasonic repellers, visual scare devices and physical deterrent devices are used in bird control programs.  Combing two or more types of repellers achieves greater results.  For explanations and basic concepts of professional electronic units, go to the Electronic Bird and Animal Pest Repeller information page.

Goose Buster - Sonic unit designed specifically for geese.  Goose populations are frightened by life-like sounds.

Quad Blaster - Ultrasonic unit used in sheltered areas where birds and animals need to be repelled humanely.  Great indoor device for use in attics, crawl spaces, warehouses or other areas where wild animals and birds cannot be tolerated.  Works best on bats, rats, mice, squirrels and other small to medium animals.  Does not always work as well on persistent bird populations as does the Super Bird Expeller Pro or the BB Pro.

Ultrason X - Uses same ultrasonic as the Quad Blaster but uses three different frequencies, has four speakers (each with 100 feet of cable) and can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

BB Pro - Also known as the BroadBand Pro and Bill Board Pro.  This super unit uses the synthesized sounds of the Critter Blaster Pro, the natural sounds of the Super Bird Expeller Pro and the ultrasonic qualities of the Ultrason X - all in one superior electronic pest repeller unit.  Controls birds and animals in almost any setting.

Yard Gard - Device uses sonic and ultrasonic sound waves to scare animals such as raccoons, stray cats, herons, wild dogs or other animals.  Can be used to protect lawns, gardens, patios from unwanted animals.  Yard Gard will cover average size yard, about 4,000 square feet.  Repeller enhanced by combining with Scarecrow or Prowler Owl.  Can also be combined with Gator Guard when protecting fish ponds, Koi ponds from destructive predators.

Bird Expeller Pro - Sonic unit that covers small areas.  Sounds scare unwanted birds.

Super Bird Expeller Pro - Best professional sonic unit with variable adjustments, 4 separate speakers for repelling nuisance birds from larger areas than Bird Expeller Pro.  Irri-Tape is a visual scare device that is works great in combination with the Bird Expeller Pro.

Critter Blaster Pro - Sonic unit used to repel unwanted animals.

Bird Proof Gel - Soft gel formulation that is applied to ledges, sills or other areas where birds land or stand.  Material safely repels unwanted birds from treated areas by giving them the sensation of a "hot foot."  Is applied with standard caulking gun.

Bird Spikes - Needle-like spikes make ledges and window sills too prickly for pigeons, sparrows or other birds for standing.  Available in different widths and different lengths.

Bird Lite - Visual scare device used in warehouses, parking garages or other areas where sonic or ultrasonic devices cannot be used.

Prowler Owl - Life-like scare device that frightens birds and small animals away from gardens, boats and other areas.  Much better than stationary plastic owls, the Prowler Owl can swivel with the wind and has wings that are in cowling position; wings move with wind.  A great add-on product to use with Scarecrow for gardens or other devices, sonic and ultrasonic.

Gator Guard - Very realistic floating alligator head scares small animals and predator birds away from fish ponds, Koi ponds.  Herons and raccoons can be quite destructive around small ponds.  Combine Gator Guard with Prowler Owl or Scarecrow for more intense results.

For complete list of Bird-X bird and animal scare devices, go to
Bird X Products page.

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