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Blowfly (blow fly) Elimination

Products for Bottle fly, Greenbottle, Bluebottle Flies

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Blow flies and other filth flies are mainly controlled by strict sanitation procedures.  Implementing pest control sprays, baits and traps will greatly enhance those stubborn problems around restaurants, barns, homes and other structures where fly control programs are needed.

Surface sprays are used on and in dumpsters, walls or other surfaces where flies congregate or rest.  Fly bait should only be used in areas where pets, children, wildlife and non-target animals cannot be harmed by the product.  Dumpsters are usually the prime location for fly baits, unless bears, birds, seagulls or other animals are known to forage in the trash.  If this is the case, get a larger dumpster with a closing lid; instruct all employees to keep dumpster closed to prevent nuisance wildlife problems.  Fly traps can be used in specific areas, especially if sanitation and space sprays do not kill all targeted flies.  Ultraviolet traps are best for indoor fly infestations within restaurants, food handling areas.

Surface Sprays

Cyper WP - This is a wettable powder formulation; active ingredient is Cypermethrin 40.00%, same as Demon WP, Cynoff WP.  Wettable powder gives at least 3 times the lasting or residual of liquid concentrates - with no odor and better initial knockdown.

Demand CS - This liquid pesticide concentrate is becoming very popular with those who want a microencapsulated product.  
Cyzmic CS - Compare to Demand CS, at much lower cost.

Talstar Concentrate - Use this pesticide for controlling many different pests around buildings.  Has no odor and kills many different pests.  Only 1/4 to 1 ounce per gallon of water is needed when mixing your solution.

Permethrin SFR - This liquid concentrated insecticide does not have the long residual as Cynoff, Demand or Talstar but is much cheaper per gallon, for large jobs.  Permethrin SFR is same as Dragnet.

Baiting for Flies

Maxforce Fly Bait - This professional fly bait contains active ingredients that are considered to be far safer to use than older baits of the same type.  Still, use care when incorporating toxic fly baits in your pest management program.

Stimukil Fly Bait -  Fly baits are highly toxic to mammals and great care should be taken when choosing sites for application.  A fly bait only attracts filth flies, does not attract biting flies.  Great product to use in dumpsters, outdoor garbage receptacles where flies are a problem.  Is used to kill blowfly, bottlefly, house fly.

Fly Traps

Gold Stick - This is a pheromone sticky trap that can be placed indoors or outdoors to attract and capture filth flies, fruit flies, house flies, drain flies.

Matrix II Four Seasons Trap - Best ultraviolet fly trap for use in commercial kitchens.  Combines power of state of the art ultraviolet (UV) rays with special fly pheromones to lure and catch indoor flies.  Only trap that lets you choose how many bulbs to use: as few as 1, as many as 4 UV bulbs.

Ultralite Fly Trap - Use this ultraviolet trap in front end areas of restaurants.  Low profile fly trap can be used discreetly in dining rooms and other serving areas where the public is annoyed by flies.  Also known as "discreet fly trap."


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