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Borate Insecticide Products Catalog

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"Borate" is a term that is often misunderstood and used out of context.  A borate is simply a material made from or that contains a form of Boron, a natural element that is mined from the earth.  There are literally hundreds of forms and uses of borate products (laundry additives, eye washes, flea control, roach elimination,) many of which are used in pest control.  This article will focus on borates or boric acid products used for general purpose pest control and wood destroying organisms (powderpost beetles, old house borers, etc.) (WDO) in homes and business.
It is very important to select the correct borate pesticide for the intended pests or area to be treated.

  • Crack and crevice products and wood treatment products are not to be used in carpets for fleas.
  • Crack and crevice products (unless stated differently on the label) are not to be mixed with water and used to protect wood from wood destroying organisms.

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Regular boric acid powder (sold under dozens of brand names such as Roach Prufe, Borid, etc.) is to be used in cracks, crevices and voids.  In other words, in places where target pests hide, forage or enter a structure but not in an area where people, pets and wildlife will encounter the material.  Contrary to popular belief, this type of boric acid insecticide should not be broadcast around baseboards or in cabinets - restrict the use of this product to hidden areas only.
You often see boric acid that is colored blue.  This is only a boric acid insecticide dust with blue food coloring.  The color of the boric acid has nothing to do with the strength or pesticide action of the material.
Another good crack and crevice boric acid material is Borid Turbo.  Simply a boric acid aerosol.  Once applied, the product dries to a dust.
A similar borate product is used for indoor year-long flea control.  Flea Stoppers is such a product.  Often called a powder, this particular material is actually a very tiny granule, designed to penetrate carpet fibers.  Never use a regular boric acid powder for indoor flea control!  Use Flea Stoppers, which is labeled for carpets.
Bora-Care and Timbor are the professional grade borates that are used to protect wood in homes, fences, decks, etc.  These products penetrate wood where they then crystallize and protect wood from wood destroying organisms.  Once a termite, powderpost beetle, old-house borer (or other wood destroying organism) tries to eat wood that has been sprayed with Bora-Care or Timbor, it will die.  Both of these products are made with a special heat-treated borate, designed to penetrate and protect wood.  An excellent tool for protecting your home from termites and powderpost beetles.  Jecta-Gel is the same material as Bora-Care but it is packaged in a cartridge (with plunger) for injecting into hard to reach areas.  These areas include (among others) legs of furniture, small pieces of wood.
Both Timbor and Bora-Care work but Bora-Care penetrates deeper, lasts longer and is approved for pre-treats or treating a house that is under construction.  Timbor's advantage is that it can be used as a mixed solution and also in its original dry form - just as you would use regular boric acid dust - in attics and wall voids.  Nibor-D is a newer product that is similar to Timbor.  Nibor can be used as a dust or spray and is used to control various insect pests as well as Mildew and Fungus.
For longer protection and when treating new construction or log homes, use Bora-Care.
Boric acid is also used in baits used to eliminate ants, roaches, crickets and silverfish.
Gourmet Gel is an ant bait that is a boric acid gel formulation.  
G and Niban FG are granular baits that can be used indoors and outdoors for the control of roaches (cockroaches,) ants, carpenter ants, crickets and silverfish.
A product that is becoming popular for controlling pests in restaurants is Mop Up.  This is a borate that is designed to use when mopping floors.  Restaurants are constantly mopping and cleaning kitchen floors.  These necessary sanitation procedures limit conventional pest control products' ability to give the long residual needed for controlling pantry pests, ants and roaches.
Mop Up
gives restaurants the extra edge needed in controlling common kitchen pests.

Boric Acid, Borate Pest Control Products

Bora-Care - Wood Treatment   Timbor Wood Treatment   Nibor-D   Jecta Gel - Wood Treatment 

Flea Stoppers - for Fleas   Borid - Boric Acid Dust  

Niban - Insect Bait   Niban FG - Insect Bait in tiny granules   Mop Up - Mop with Boric Acid

Gourmet Ant Baits   Gourmet Liquid   Gourmet Gel  

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