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Boxelder Bug Spray

When boxelder bug problems can best be avoided by implementing a spray program at first sign of the pests.  Use an insecticide spray that can safely be applied to the exterior surfaces of the building.  Broadcast and pin stream spray patterns will be needed to treat the outside surfaces of the structure thoroughly.  Different types of insecticides are appropriate for this job.  If you like details, go to the Choosing a Boxelder Bug Spray section of this article.  You can also skip to the summary section if you prefer to skip the details.

Exterior Spray Interior Spray Choosing a Spray
Boxelder Bug
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Household Pests

Broadcast treatment should first be applied to the obvious side of the home or building where the pest is most likely to "light" or land.  This is usually the warmest side of the building and (in most cases) is isolated to that single side but do not be surprised to find the bugs crawling on more than one side of the house.  Broadcast using a fan spray or cone shaped spray pattern.  This will give you the most thorough and efficient pattern.
The purpose of the broadcast treatment is to help knock down or kill as many of the pests as possible, before they have a chance to find a way inside of the house.  Once inside, the real problems begin.

There will be boxelder bugs that escape your initial broadcast treatment of the exterior surfaces of your home.  To kill boxelders as they enter, a pin stream type spray pattern is necessary.  Use this pin stream spray to treat cracks, crevices, around windows, vents, doors or any other possible entry point.
Pests such as boxelder bugs, Asian Lady Beetles, cluster flies and even large cockroaches can easily enter a home through very tiny cracks or openings.  The exoskeleton and other physical features of these pests allow them to enter through openings that are much smaller than the pest seem to be.

Indoor spray treatment is not always necessary but it a few of the invading bugs will die from such applications.   The vast majority of bugs will be eliminated from your exterior treatment, killing them before they have a chance to enter.  If you want to treat indoors for boxelder bugs, limit your spraying to baseboards and the seams or cracks around window and door frames or other areas such as screened porches or enclosed patios.  Do not broadcast the interior walls of your home with an insecticide spray.

Choosing Boxelder Bug Spray Products

There are several insecticide sprays that can be used in the control of boxelder bugs and the choices can seem a bit confusing.  This portion of the boxelder bug spray section should make selecting the correct product for your situation easier.
Skip down to summary of boxelder spray products.

Before choosing a product (or products) there are a few things to take into consideration, such as the severity of the problem, how long you have had the problem, the size of your home, the color of your home's exterior surfaces, vegetation surrounding or touching your home and any other possible pest control needs.

There are three types of insecticide formulations from which to choose:

  • Emulsifiable Concentrates
  • Suspended or Microencapsulated Concentrates
  • Wettable Powder Concentrates

An emulsifiable concentrate is simply a liquid concentrate.  This formulation is usually cheaper (per gallon mixed) than other types and it dries to a clear finish.
Examples of an EC (emulsifiable concentrate): Demon EC, Cynoff EC.
Microencapsulated products are unique in that the active ingredients are suspended in microscopic "bubbles" that give you a longer residual than regular liquid concentrates.  The disadvantage of this type of product is cost per gallon of finished solution mixed.
Examples of suspended concentrates: Tempo SC, Suspend SC, Demand CS.
Wettable powders are by far the best choice unless you have dark colored surfaces to treat or if you need to use a hose end sprayer to reach all possible surfaces.  The advantages of a wettable powder usually out weigh the disadvantages.  Wettable powders leave 100% of the active ingredients on the surface, giving you a better, faster, more reliable knock down of targeted pests - especially Boxelder Bugs, Spiders, Asian Lady Beetles, Cluster Flies.  Try to use a wettable powder product if possible.  The disadvantages of a wettable powder: leaves a visible residue on dark surfaces and very difficult to apply to high areas with a hose end sprayer.  The average home can be treated with a pump type sprayer; higher homes need a hose end sprayer.
Examples of wettable powder concentrates: Demon WP, Cynoff WP, Tempo WP.

Tempo WP is the most popular spray for boxelder bugs.  This product has what we call a very broad label.  All this means is that you may safely spray the insecticide in more areas than with many other insecticides.  Tempo can be sprayed indoors, on exterior surfaces of homes and can also be used on plants, shrubs, trees and most bedding plants.  You can purchase Tempo WP by itself or in a kit.  Tempo Kits are designed for those who have bad or severe problems with boxelder bugs or invading lady bugs.  Tempo Kit #1 includes all products needed for heavy infestations.  Tempo Kit #2 contains the same as the first kit but without the Chapin pump sprayer.  Choose kit #2 if you already own a good sprayer.  Details such as products included in each kit as well as pricing and ordering information can be found on the Tempo Kit page.

If you do not need to treat shrubs, trees or flower beds that are very close to or touching your home, Demon WP or Cynoff WP are the best sprays to use for boxelder bug control.  Both products contain the same active ingredient (Cypermethrin) but you do have options of container sizes.  Demon WP is available in a 1 Lb. jar that makes 24 to 48 gallons of finished solution.  This product is also available in a pack that contains 4 water soluble bags of pre-measured concentrate.  A pack of Demon WP will make 2 to 4 gallons of finished spray solution.
Cynoff WP is basically the same as Demon WP but the 1 Lb. container of Cynoff WP is $10.00 cheaper than Demon WP.
If you have a very light infestations or if you merely want to try a trial size of Cypermethrin in wettable powder form, choose the pack of Demon WP.  For heavier infestations, choose the 1 Lb. container of Cynoff WP to save money in the long term.

If your targeted outdoor areas are high and you are not concerned with spraying shrubs or ornamental plants for bugs, you should use either Demon EC or Cynoff EC.  Both of these products contain Cypermethrin and both can be applied using a hose end type of sprayer.  By taking advantage of your water pressure, you can use a hose end sprayer to reach as high as necessary on taller or multi-story homes.
Since an EC does not have as long a residual as a WP, you will need to make repeat applications to control boxelder bugs.  For heavy or stubborn infestations, spray the exterior surfaces twice (two weeks apart) in the first month of your job.  Treating once each month afterwards (as long as you see bugs trying to invade your home) might be necessary.
A pint of Demon EC will make 16 to 32 gallons of spray solution.  A quart of Cynoff EC will make 32 to 64 gallons of spray solution.


Use Tempo SC or Tempo WP if you need to spray shrubs or delicate plants while spraying your home.  If you need a good sprayer or if you have a stubborn, reoccurring, heavy infestation, choose Tempo Kit #1 or Tempo Kit #2.  Go to the
Tempo Kit page for more information.

Use Demon WP or Cynoff WP if you do not need to spray delicate plants while spraying the exterior of your home.

Use Demon EC, Cynoff EC or Tempo SC if your home has dark surfaces that might show a visible residue left by spraying with a wettable powder.

Use Demon EC or Cynoff EC if you need to spray very high areas with a hose end sprayer.

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