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Chemical Free, 100% Natural
Pest Control

All CedarCide products listed here contain Cedar Oil for repelling pests.  These products are chemical free and are labeled for a wide variety of insect pests in your home, garden and even on your pets.  Liquid Net also contains cedar oil and other all natural bug repellents.

CedarCide Insect Repellent, 8 ounce

Ingredients: 1% Cedar Oil,  99% essence of Juniperus Virginiana.
Insect Repellent Spray is a specially formulated, chemical-free cedar based insect repellent.  Contains no DEET.  Perfect size to carry on picnics, while working in garden or other outings.
Directions for Use:  Spray or sponge CedarCide on all areas of skin exposed to insects.  It will quickly dry grease-free with a pleasant cedar aroma that will repel mosquitoes, flies, fleas, chiggers, no-see-ums and numerous other insects.  Further applications may be required when excessive sweating occurs.  Clothing may be sprayed with CedarCide without staining or damage.  Use liberally on pets and livestock to insure skin penetration.

CedarCide Insect Repellent, quart

The quart containers of CedarCide Insect Repellent are no longer available.  Instead of CedarCide, use Liquid Net Insect Repellent.  Liquid Net products are also made from all natural ingredients: citronella oils, cedar oils, lemon grass.  Available in pump spray bottles and towelettes (wipes) that are contained in handy dispenser.

Liquid Net Insect Repellents    Mosquito Repellents    Mosquitoes

Ingredients: 1% Cedar Oil,  99% essence of Juniperus Virginiana.
For Homes, Apartments and Buildings.
Indoors:   Spray areas where cockroaches, Palmetto bugs, ants, clover mites, crickets, firebrats, waterbugs, silverfish and spiders are found or normally occur, including dark corners of rooms and closets, cracks and crevices in walls, along and behind, baseboards, beneath and behind sinks, stoves, refrigerators and cabinets, around plumbing and other utility installations.
For Ants:    Apply to ant trails, around doors an windows and wherever else these pests may find entrance.
For Carpet Beetles:    Thoroughly spray along baseboards and edges of carpeting, under carpeting, rugs and furniture.  In closets and on shelving and wherever else these insects are seen or suspected.
For control of Fleas:    Thoroughly spray pet beds, resting quarters, nearby cracks and crevices, along an behind baseboards, window and floor frames and localized areas of floor and floor covering where these pests may be present.  Old bedding of pets should be removed and replaced with clean fresh bedding after treatment of pet area.  You may also treat pets with this product.  To control the source of flea infestations, pets inhabiting the treated premises should be treated with this products wither as a dip or bathing solution every 30 days.  Apply liberally when spraying on horses or other livestock.

CedarCide YardSafe Non Toxic Lawn & Garden Spray

YardSafe ready to spray cedar oil based solution can be used to safely repel mosquitoes and other pesky insects from your yard, patio, gardens, stables and other areas where insects harbor or congregate.  Safe to use on animals and in vegetable gardens.  Repels mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, flies, moths and other insect pests.

YardSafe will leave no toxic pesticide residue.
This non toxic product will enhance microbial activity in soils, establishing healthy plant life.  Repelling the egg layer insect and its offspring will eliminate future generations of insects.  Use as often as necessary or required for a satisfactory insect free comfort level.

CedarCide YardSafe is packaged in a 32 ounce container that attaches to your standard garden hose.  Avoid applications to vegetation in temperatures above 80 degrees F.  Each quart of CedarCide chemical free YardSafe will treat up to 4,000 square feet.

Pet, Horse & Livestock Concentrate

Each quart of this cedar oil concentrate makes up to 100 gallons of finished, chemical free solution.  Mixes well with hard or soft water to create a dynamic solution, effective as a livestock spray or dip.  100% chemical free liquid will absorb into the animals’ hair follicles and result in prolonged repellence of mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks and other pests.  Excellent for use in stables, homes, vegetable gardens.

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