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Cento Fly Trap Replacement Pads

Ultraviolet Fly Traps    Replacement Bulbs for Traps    Replacement Pads

Order Cento Fly Trap Replacement Pads

Replacement Pads for Cento Fly Trap (pictured)Cento Fly Traps and Luralite Fly Traps are known as
"discreet insect fly traps" in the pest control industry.
The trap design does not scream "fly trap" to the public who
pass close by and might be offended by the sight of flies and other
flying insects stuck to a glue trap capture pad.
But, it is this very design that can be the downfall of the trap if it is
not checked on a regular basis.
Flies captured by this trap are not visible unless a small step latter is used
or the trap is temporarily taken down for inspection and maintenance.

Ultraviolet light bulbs need to be replaced on an annual basis but the capture pads need to be monitored for excess flies and insects.  If the capture pads are full, they cannot capture flies which results in poor fly control.  There is also a risk of people with upper respiratory problems having a reaction to certain particles in the air related to large amounts of dead insect body parts.  Inspect your fly traps on a regular basis.  Make sure trap is working at its best by keeping properly working ultraviolet light bulbs and by changing out glue pads when full or when glue pads become old.

During the first 30 to 60 days of implementing a fly management program, the Cento capture pads need to be examined every few days.  Once the fly population begins to dwindle, examine the traps once or twice per week.  After the fly management program is in full swing and very few flies are noticed in the building, the typical time frame for examining all Cento Traps (or Luralite) is once per month.  Some pest control companies check their customers' fly traps on a quarterly basis to coincide with the regular pest control service.  Adjust your schedule to suite your particular needs.

How to Order Cento Fly Trap Pads

When stored in a cool, dry place you can expect unused capture pads to keep for a long time.  Ordering enough pads to get you through a full year is fine.
The Cento Capture Pads are packaged and shipped in packs of six traps.

Order Pack of Cento Replacement Fly Pads

Replacement Bulb for Cento Fly Trap 

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