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Clover Mite Spray

Choosing a spray for killing clover mites in and around your home involves finding the correct product for the various areas to be treated.  Not all products are labeled for indoor use and not all products can be used safely on shrubs, trees, flowers, grasses or other vegetation around the home.  You also need an insecticide that will eliminate mites.

Talstar Concentrate is an odorless synthetic pyrethrin product that can be used indoors and has a very broad label for spraying turf and ornamental plants for mites, molecrickets, ants and many other listed pests.
Use Talstar for both indoor mite treatment and outdoor treatment for clover mites.

When treating indoors, use only 1/2 ounce of Talstar Concentrate per gallon of water in a pump type garden sprayer.  Broadcasting the mixed solution on walls and floors is not necessary.  Simply spot-treat baseboards, window sills and other such areas.  If there are clover mites crawling on walls and ceilings, it is best to vacuum the mites.  For heavy indoor infestations use a Pyrethrin aerosol for a quick kill on these larger surfaces.  Combining Talstar Concentrate with a Pyrethrin aerosol will greatly reduce numbers of indoor clover mites and other indoor pests.

Treating exterior of the home is necessary to keep additional clover mites from migrating indoors.  Mixing 1 ounce of Talstar per gallon of water, treat all possible entry points (around windows and doors, etc.) on exterior of structure.  Broadcast or fan spray the lower portion of the exterior walls, beginning about three feet high and spraying down to the ground level.  You should also treat a band of soil, mulch or grass at least six feet out from the building and to the base of the building.  If there any trees on your property, spray the bark of the tree about head high and down to the surface of the soil at the base of the tree.
When using your hose-end sprayer for lawn and shrub application, use 1 ounce of Talstar per thousand square feet of area to be treated.  Talstar can be applied to lawns, shrubs, trees and flower beds.

If you have clover mites in or around your home in the spring of the year, you can expect another invasion of these pests in the fall of the year.  To kill existing clover mites, suppress their re-emergence and to control a variety of insect pests, mites, spiders and other bugs, use Talstar in spring, summer and fall.  The long residual of this product negates the use of monthly sprays; three times per year will usually control most household pests as well as exterior pests such as clover mites, molecrickets, spiders and many others.

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