Demon Max

Last updatedLast updated: July 12, 2022
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Cypermethrin Insecticide ConcentrateDemon Max Cypermethrin Insecticide Concentrate

Demon EC
 and Demon TC insecticides have been combined, creating one product that has the same label as the two original products.

Demon TC and Cyper TC are same in active ingredients.  Cyper TC is great for treating large lawns.  One gallon of Cyper TC is almost same price of pint of Demon Max.  (Cyper TC is outdoors only)

Demon Max Specimen Label PDF         Demon Max MSDS PDF

Demon Max is used indoors (for general purpose pest control) in the same manner as the original Demon EC.
The active ingredient in this insecticide (Cypermethrin) is excellent when used to control fireantscarpenter beesGerman Cockroaches (as well as other pest roaches) and numerous other household pests.
Demon Max is similar to Cynoff EC (another Cypermethrin liquid concentrate; available in quart containers) and Demon WP.  Both Demon products contain Cypermethrin; Demon Max is a liquid concentrate, Demon WP is a wettable powder concentrate.

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