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Humane Nuisance Dog Pest Control

Stray dogs, wild dogs or dogs that are not kept in kennels or fenced in yards are a problem for many people.  Unwanted nuisance dogs defecate on lawns, dig in gardens, frighten people and can be dangerous to children and household pets.

We never advocate the use of any device or method that causes undue pain or suffering to dogs.  You will not find any kill traps, leg traps, poisons or baits used in dog control on this web site.  As animal lovers, our goal is to help you safely and humanely rid your property of nuisance wildlife, stray dogs.

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Dogs that chew on objects can be domestic pets (even your own!) or wild dogs.  There are a few items that can be used to deter biting and chewing of objects.  Ropel is one of the best taste deterrents on the market.  This bitter tasting substance can be used on most non-edible outdoor objects.  Do not use Ropel Spray on edible crops and do not use it indoors.
An electronic scarecrow is a very effective and humane dog repeller that is activated by heat and motion sensors.  This scare tactic will keep dogs and other unwanted wildlife from lawns, gardens or any outdoor area you want to keep free from animals.
Stubborn wildlife problems often need a combination of animal repellers to convince the pest that they are not wanted in the area.  Use two or more different types of repellers: 

Live trapping is another very effective method that is often necessary to rid your property of dangerous or nuisance stray dogs or coyotes.  A professional, humane live trap is needed for this job.  A 36 inch live animal trap can be used to capture cats, small dogs or wild animals such as raccoons and skunks.  Two other traps are available for dogs: A Bobcat Trap is the correct size for capturing medium size dogs; a Large Dog Trap is the most used for medium and large dogs and coyotes.  The Dog Trap is used by professional trappers, airports, animal control agencies, ranchers, farmers and also by individuals around their homes.
The best bait for trapping dogs is usually cheap, canned dog food.  Other items you can use are sardines, raw chicken or other foods that are attractive to canines.

Once you have trapped the dog, consult with your local animal control authorities for information on what to do with the animal.  Simply returning it to the wild helps no one and is also inhumane.  An unfamiliar dog might be frightened and therefore dangerous to handle.  You also cannot tell if the animal is rabid in most cases.  Your local, county or state authorities will be familiar with laws, regulations and safety procedures on this subject.

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