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Advance Dual Choice
Ant Bait

Labeled for use against Pharaoh Ants, Cornfield Ants, Argentine Ants and a variety of other household ants.    Is also used to help monitor and reduce indoor White Footed Ant populations.  For more ant elimination information, go to our Ant Control article.
Advance Dual Choice should not be used in the control of  Crazy Ants or
other such species that do not feed on baited materials.
Argentine Ants do not always accept this bait, especially on the West Coast of the United States.  Another problem arises when people who do not want to use any other pest control product (such as dusts, sprays, granules) and insist on using baits in an area that is highly infested with Argentine Ants.  Even if the bait is accepted by the foraging workers, only a small reduction in ants is often noted.  This is usually due to too many ants, not enough bait.  The problem can be solved by continued baiting program indoors and treating for ants on exterior surfaces of the building with a residual product.
To help identify your ant, go to the Ant Index.

Advance Dual Choice Ant BaitAnts are attracted to the bait in Advance Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations.  The bait food is carried back to the nest to kill the queen and destroy the entire colony.
To use, simply place bait stations by ant trails or close to areas where ants are present, even on food preparation surfaces of next to food.  Do not place baits on food preparation surfaces when food is being handled or no utensils that are used for food preparation.  Dual Choice can also be placed adjacent to walls, electrical lines, potted plants, waste receptacles, sensitive electronic equipment, inside drop ceilings and wall voids or anywhere ant problems occur.
Dual Choice Ant Bait stations are designed to be visually inspected, allowing monitoring.   If you see that the ant bait in certain stations are not being eaten, move them to an area of higher ant activity or where you know you will obtain better bait acceptance.   When the Dual Choice bait stations are empty, you will be able to see and replace them; if any stations are visibly full of gorging ants, do not disturb until empty.

Advance Dual Choice Kills Ants

Recommended placements:
Use 3 to 4 ant bait stations in each average size room where ants are noticed or are suspected.  For heavy ant infestations, use 6 to 8 stations for each room.

Although each Dual Choice bait station is designed to be child resistant, place baits where children (and pets) are least likely to move or play with your ant bait.  Any small, plastic object is a possible choking hazard for small children.  Also, if children move your stations, your ant control program will not be as effective.
To prevent ants from entering your home and to stop re-infestations, spray the exterior of the structure with products containing Cypermethrin (Demon, Cynoff, Cypermethrin 4 Ounce) or use Talstar Concentrate.  All of these products can be used indoors and out for a variety of insect pests.

Dual Choice ant bait is labeled for commercial, industrial and residential use.  This includes processing plants, eating establishments, food marketing-storage-distribution, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, office buildings, apartments, laundries, buses, aircraft, boats, museums and zoos.
Advance Dual Choice Bait Stations can be used in a variety of locations:
Households, transportation facilities, food and feed processing plants, hospitals and related institutions and facilities.
Do not use residual sprays with or near Dual Choice Bait Stations (or any other bait) as this will tend to contaminate the ant bait and kill the worker ants before they can deliver the killing agent (Abamectin) to the rest of the ant colony and to the queen ant.  For complete ant control, use ant bait indoors while using a professional ant spray (such as Cynoff, Demon, Cypermethrin 4 Oz., products containing Cypermethrin) on the outside surface of any ant infested structure.  The exterior bug spray will help prevent re-infestations or returning ants from invading your home or business.

Advance Dual Choice ant bait stations:
Each pack contains 4 individual ant bait stations.

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