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Pest control technicians and do it yourself pest control persons use dusters for various jobs.  Dusters are used in homes, business and in gardens to disperse insecticide dusts of different types.
Dusters listed include professional electric dustercrank duster and hand bellows duster.


Choose the equipment needed for the pest control job you have in mind, that will safely deliver the insecticide (or other dust material) to the correct area.  These areas can include cracks, crevices, entry points, hiding places, attics, crawl spaces, building voids and outdoor gardens, vegetable gardens and greenhouses.

Electric Duster Crank DusterDustick Hand Bellows Duster Insecticide Dusts
Pest Control Equipment

Electric Duster

This electric duster is a favorite of pest control technicians and is also used by homeowners who have large attics or crawl spaces that need treating on a regular basis.  Dusts used in this duster include Drione DustDelta Dust (Deltamethrin), Timbor and others. To see details (picture, pricing, ordering links) go to our Professional Electric Duster page.

Crank Duster

Use the crank duster for applying Delta DustDrione Dust or Timbor to attics and crawl spaces.  The crank duster is great for applying Permethrin dust in gardens, flower beds.  Crank Duster page.

Hand Bellows Dusters, Bulb Dusters

The Crusader Duster is a hand bellows type of equipment that is primarily used to apply Drione DustDelta DustTimborNiban FG and other small particle size materials to cracks, crevices, wall voids, carpenter bee holes and other small areas.  Crusader hand bellows duster page.

Bulb dusters hold larger amounts of dust than conventional Crusader dusters.
Name brands include B&G Bulb Duster 1150 and Centro-Bulb Duster.

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