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Fipronil Roach Bait

Professional roach baits made by Maxforce are used more often than other baits found in the pest control market.  The "FC" designation in the name of Maxforce Baits lets you know that the material contains Fipronil.

A bait that contains Fipronil has special characteristics that make it a better product to use in eliminating certain household pests.  

Maxforce Magnum is available in a small tube.  Each tube is $12.50, plus S&H.

Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel and Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations both contain the active ingredient called Fipronil.  This active ingredient has a special domino effect that gives you a faster and more thorough kill of roaches, especially German Cockroaches.

This is a description of the domino effect of Fipronil (the active ingredient found in Maxforce Gel for roaches and Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations): Fipronil in Droppings/ Fecal Material, Roaches Contact other Roaches and Shed Body Parts.

Transfer of Bait by Fecal Matter/ Cockroach Droppings 

German roaches prefer softer foods, although the adult roaches are capable of breaking down solid foods.  Nymphs or young roaches require softer foods than do their adult counterparts.  There are other baits that are transferred from adult droppings to younger roaches but, in most cases we have observed, only one or two generations are effected.  The attractants (inert ingredients in an insect bait that makes the pest want to eat the bait) in Maxforce FC gel are so good that the bait can actually be transferred from roach to roach, stretching the effect of the bait out as far as 10 entire generations of German Cockroaches!  Combining the effects attributed to transfer of droppings, body parts and mere body contact means that one roach that consumes or touches the bait can possibly kill more than three dozen other roaches that did not eat or touch your initial bait applications.  Older types or conventional roach baits only work when a roach actually feeds on the bait.

Bait Transferred by Body Parts  

German Cockroaches have survived over the centuries for many reasons, one of which is their ability to adapt to different food sources.  Once established in a home or building you just do not hear of them starving to death!  This does not mean that sanitation is not important but it does bring us to the next important point: roaches do feed on the body parts of dead insects and especially roach body parts.  Once an insect dies it loses much of its moisture which makes the body dry up and break into many smaller particles.  Also, as roaches grow, mature or age they molt in a particular manner.  Insects (including roaches) have an exoskeleton, that is they do not have an internal bone structure that is seen in mammals and reptiles.  As a roach ages or matures, it requires a newer or larger exoskeleton.  As this new "layer" forms, the roach leaves behind its old exoskeleton.
All of the left over body parts mentioned are a source of food for living roaches.  Once a cockroach has touched or eaten a professional bait that contains Fipronil, their body parts are now contaminated with a lethal dose that remains in their shed body parts.  Other adult roaches are attracted to these materials.  Once they feed on this food they now also have consumed a lethal dose of Fipronil, continuing the chain reaction or domino effect of the bait.

Bait Transferred by Contact 

As mentioned above, Fipronil is a material that can easily be passed from one roach to another or transferred by contact.  If a roach touches Maxforce FC bait (Maxforce FC Roach Gel, Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations), it receives a lethal dose of bait.  When the same roach touches another roach, the same transfer occurs.

Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel is the most popular and widely used cockroach bait used in the United States.  The bait station version contains a solid bait material that some professionals still prefer to use but the gel formulated bait has gained in popularity and is now the most widely used by pest control operators and also by homeowners who prefer do it yourself pest control.  This is a premium bait that gives far better results than other baiting products on the market.  The active ingredient (Fipronil) has a unique domino effect on a roach population, a characteristic that makes it desirable when dealing with indoor roach infestations.  This is especially true when you are faced with an infestation of German Cockroaches.

German Cockroaches are more likely to breed indoors in homes, restaurants or any other buildings where people live or where human and pet foods are stored, prepared or consumed.  These roaches breed quickly and can adapt to almost any indoor environment, more so than Asian, American, Oriental or other cockroaches that can be found in homes.
While other roaches produce just a few offspring per egg capsule, the German Cockroach can produce up to 36 young or nymphs per capsule.
The female German Cockroach will not forage for food or water for several days prior to depositing her egg capsule in a hidden, dark area where conventional pesticide bug sprays cannot reach.  This gives her offspring a safer place to be born.
During her time of inactivity (the days leading up to depositing her egg capsule in out of the way areas) the female roach leaves a great deal of droppings in the area where she rests or hides.  These droppings are full of the nutrients that roach nymphs (baby roaches) will consume immediately after their birth.  Baby roaches do not have teethe and therefore cannot eat the solid foods that adult roaches can eat.  They will naturally (by instinct) seek out and feed on liquids or very soft foods.
Not only is Maxforce gel formulated bait a soft food that is easily eaten by all stages of cockroaches but it is passed on from adult roaches by two very important modes of transfer: adult droppings fed on by younger and older roaches alike and by contact.

How to Order Gel Formulated Fipronil Roach Bait 

How to Order Solid Stations of Fipronil Roach Bait 


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