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Insect-A-Kill and Insectaflash Electric Fly Trap

Set-up and Operation of Insect-A-Kill or Insectaflash Zappers

Choosing Correct Fly Trap Insect-A-Kill Positioning Fly Trap Power Requirements  Fly Trap 
Factory Guarantee
Insect-A-Kill Fly Trap Fly Zappers Ultraviolet Fly Traps Fruit Fly, Gnat, Small Flies 

Insectaflash is the modern answer to flying insect control for applications requiring zapper units.  Two sizes of this fly trap are available and each can be wall mounted, ceiling suspended or free standing.

Insect-A-Kill must only be used in areas which are free of dust and any  possible explosive vapor mixture.  Should you have any queries contact your local fire authority for advice before installation.  The Insectaflash is suitable for indoor use only and is not suitable for use in barns, stables and similar locations.

Your Insect-A-Kill unit requires certain conditions to ensure the effective control of flying insects in your premises:

If in any doubt about installation, use a qualified electrician to fit the unit.

Power Requirements

Insect-A-Kill units are designed to operate from the following power supply:

110V AC - 60Hz

Ensure that your unit is compatible with the electricity supply on your premises.  Make sure the unit is connected to an earthed electrical supply via a socket outlet of compatible rating.

Choose Correct Trap Size

If the unit is too powerful for the area (using a larger trap for a very small area) the trap's effectiveness will be greatly reduced.  Flying insects are attracted the path of least resistance; too much ultraviolet in a small area will confuse the pests and they will not be able to zero in on your trap.  If the trap is too small or not powerful enough for the area where it will be used, many flying pests will be be able to locate the unit.

The Insect-A-Kill 40 watt unit that will cover up to 2000 square feet.  The Insect-A-Kill 100 watt unit covers about 4,000 square feet.  Using too much UV or using too powerful of a unit can often result in poor flying insect control.  This is a case where too much power can be detrimental.

Positioning of Insect-A-Kill

Your Insect-A-Kill unit should ideally be fixed at least seven feet above ground, preferably in the darkest place within the area to be protected, away from windows and skylights, thus avoiding any competition with natural daylight or sunlight.

In large open areas where two or more units are required, positioning needs careful consideration to ensure maximum protection.  Each unit within a certain area should be centrally positioned.

Remember that light travels in straight lines so any barriers, suspended canopies or any other large objects may make it necessary to install a greater number of units in order to achieve optimum effectiveness.  As a general rule, the UV (ultraviolet) light from the Insect-A-Kill unit should be visible from every part of the room.

Applications of Insect-A-Kill fly traps obviously vary depending on the location.

Servicing Your Insect Zapper

Before any form of servicing, ensure that the unit is disconnected from the main 
power supply.

To maintain the unit's efficiency, replace the high powered UV Tubes every 9 to 12 months, making sure the replacement tubes are of the correct type - obtainable from your supplier.


Before cleaning, always make sure that the unit is disconnected from the main power supply.

Cleaning should be done at regular intervals, depending upon the environment in which the unit operates, normally every week.

First (after disconnecting from main power supply) remove the tray and dispose of the insect bodies, then clean with a damp cloth.
The exterior of the unit should be cleaned with a damp cloth, removing the normal dirt and grease found in most operating conditions.  All metal used in the construction is either stainless steel or powder coated steel and should therefore remain in good condition for many years, if not subjected to extreme conditions.

Tube Replacement

Before replacing the tubes, always ensure that the unit is disconnected from the main power supply.  The power supply is isolated by a safety switch when the tray is removed.
Remove the tray, cutting the power to the unit.  Release the tube clip and gently pull down the used tube.  reverse the process to fit the new tube.


Your Insect-A-Kill unit is guaranteed for three years, excluding tubes.  If a fault occurs within twelve months the manufacturer will replace your unit.

This guarantee only applies if genuine spare parts are used.  Tubes are not guaranteed.

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