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Controlling Flying Pests in Commercial Settings with Ultraviolet

In commercial areas such as shopping malls, reception rooms of doctor's office, hospitals there can be on-going problems with fungus gnats due to the number of live plants in pots or planters.  With many different potted plants set out in these areas, fungus gnats can often not be totally eliminated.  For these situations the use of a professional fly trap is needed.  You need to control the flying pests for the sake of clients, customers and employees.  Unless there are super sensitive areas (operating rooms, etc.) this particular fly is not necessarily a health hazard but the sight of small flies or gnats does not exactly set the atmosphere desired.  In larger commercial buildings there is also a good probability that the pests are actually fruit flies or phorid flies, instead of gnats breeding in potted plants.

It is possible to control the gnat problem without sacrificing the aesthetics of these areas.  Commercial kitchens can easily use a powerful fly trap such as the Visu Fly Trap because the device is not in the public eye.  Shopping malls, corporate offices and other high profile areas need to control the gnats without drawing attention to the problem.  For these cases a low profile, discreet but powerful fly trap is called for.  Large areas can be covered with the discreet Luralite, a combination device that will cover over 500 square feet of space.  Smaller rooms (doctor's office, hallways leading to restrooms, etc.) do not need to use the Luralite fly trap.  The smaller areas need one or more Discreet Fly Traps.  At first glance, most people think that a trap is present for indirect lighting or merely a part of the decor.  This smaller fly trap will cover about 270 square feet.

All of the traps mentioned above combine the use of safe but powerful ultraviolet light with the added dimension of odorless but powerful fly pheromones.  Most indoor flying pests (flies, gnats, the occasional wasp or yellow jacket) will readily fly to UV rays (the light emitted by the special light bulbs).  Once your targeted pests locate your trap they are not electrocuted with a killing grid such as that found on older styled bug zappers.  Instead, they are captured with specially designed sticky pad located within the trap.  This sticky pad is impregnated with a special pheromone, a sexual attractant for house flies, fruit flies and many other fly pests.  The Flytrap Professional is a wide open unit and the captured flies are not hidden from view.  The special sticky pads in the Luralite and Cento ultraviolet traps are placed in the traps in such a way as to hide them from public view.  These pads are replaceable and economical to use.

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