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Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait

This liquid ant bait contains Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate and is packaged in an over-sized bottle containing a pint of liquid ant control product.  The bottle is over-sized to allow for convenient mixing.  

Gourmet Ant Bait Gel Ant Baits Ants 

Gourmet liquid ant bait for sugar feeding and protein feeding ants.The 1% solution will give a quick kill for roaches and certain large species of ants.  However, this formulation might be too strong for many of the smaller ant species.  For these smaller ants it is best to dilute the bait to a weaker solution to avoid bait rejection.  If your ant bait is too strong, the worker ants that carry food back to the colony are killed too fast, which results in the remainder of the colony not receiving bait.  Once diluted, the bait will work slower but more effectively.  Your bait must work its way through from foraging workers to the colony nursery.  From there it is transferred back to other workers who, in turn, feed other workers.  This chain of food eventually makes its way to the queen and/ or the workers that tend to the queen.  It is at this point that you kill the entire colony.

To use Gourmet liquid ant bait, place the liquid in Ant Cafe bait stations or AntPro Baiting System for best results.  Liquid bait can be used "as is" for larger ants (carpenter ants, fireants) or diluted with distilled water for smaller ants (Argentine, White-footed, Pharaoh.)  Fill each ant bait station with your bait and place the filled bait stations in areas of ant activity.  Ant Cafes can be purchased on bulk bags of stations or in kits that contain Ant Cafes in combination with the gel version of Gourmet bait.
For heavy or stubborn ant infestations, combine Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait with a gel formulated bait such as Gourmet Ant Bait Gel and Intice Smart Ant Bait Gel.  Liquid and gel formulations can be used in Ant Cafe or AntPro refillable bait stations.  For best results, use Ant Cafes for jobs that require gel formulated bait or when many, small liquid placements are needed.  If both liquid and gel formulations of ant baits are required, use the AntPro stations for Gourmet Liquid ant bait and Ant Cafes for Gourmet Ant Bait Gel and Intice Smart Ant Bait Gel.
 When using a combination of baits, do not use more than one bait per bait station.  Another option is to use liquid in one ant cafe station, Maxforce gel in another and so on.  This will give finicky ants a combination of textures and foods to choose from.  It is not uncommon for a colony's foraging workers to change food sources, according to the needs and demands of the colony.
Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait (as well as Gourmet Ant Bait Gel) contains a honeydew formulation with Uni-Tract, a patented insect attractant proven to enhance bait acceptance by a variety of ants.  This system targets sweet feeding ants but also provides protein that is often needed by the colony.

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