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Insecticide Granules

Granulated Insecticides Application of Insecticide
Granules Used In
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Granulated InsecticidesPesticides: Insecticide Granules Description

Granulated insecticides or insecticide granules are often called crystals or dusts in layman's terms but they are actually neither.  An insecticide dust is entirely different from insecticide granules in form and application.
At the basic level, granulated pesticides or insecticides are merely a dry form of product that is spread or broadcast over specific areas such as lawns, gardens or flower beds.  The use of a good granule spreader will insure accurate, even applications that take far less time and effort.
The inactive ingredient in a granular product is called a carrier.  This carrier can be composed from pecan shells, clay, corn cob or other such material.  The carrier makes it possible to apply pesticides in a dry form, instead of spraying.  In production, the active ingredient is injected into the carrier.  Once the granules have been properly applied, the active ingredient is released into the soil or mulch.

Application of Insecticide Granules

Insecticide granules are misused more than most pest control products.  Always read and follow label instructions.  Not every product is labeled for specific jobs, most notably vegetable gardens.
Once broadcast over the specified area, the active ingredient in your granules is released when you apply water.  Unstable products such as Diazinon granules do not tolerate sunshine.  When left on the surface (without watering,) the active ingredient can easily be burned off by the sun's rays and heat.  Watering immediately after application will help insure that you get the product where it is needed most, at its strongest rate.  Talstar granules and DeltaGard G are products that are safer than Diazinon for people, pets, wildlife.  These products are also more stable and more effective than conventional insecticide granules and contain synthetic pyrethroid active ingredients.  Merit Insecticide Granules have systemic action and are used in white grub control.

Granules Used In Pest Control

A 25lb. bag of Talstar (contains Bifenthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide) will treat up to 12,000 square feet.
**Talstar PL granules are best applied through a hand seeder. The granules are tiny enough to fall between blades of turf grass (out of sight from birds and pets), penetrating to the ground or thatch area where it belongs. Because of the sand pebble sized granules, regular drop spreaders and rotary spreaders do not give the precise coverage necessary. Our Granule Spreader makes the job easier and more accurate than
Deltagard and Merit Insecticide are granular pesticides conventional push/pull spreaders.
**Talstar EZ granules have standard size particles and can be applied with a push type rotary spreader.

DeltaGard G (a.i. Deltamethrin, synthetic pyrethroid): Granular insecticide which utilizes a unique, water soluble carrier. Its irregularly shaped granules dissolve completely (leaving no particles that might be picked up by birds and other non-target species!), delivering the maximum dose of DeltaGard to the target insects. Packaged in convenient 20 lb. bags which, at the treatment rate of just 2 lb. per thousand square feet, will treat over10,000 square feet. This is considerably less than traditional granules, and means you carry a lot less bulk while still getting the job done properly. Normal residual is up to 4 weeks, depending on environmental conditions and targeted pests.  Use a granule spreader for accurate application.
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