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Koi Pond Predators

How to Control Nuisance Herons, Raccoons

You have designed and set up your pond and stocked it with Koi or other prized fish.  One of the first problems you will encounter is how to control nuisance wildlife or birds from eating your fish.  The most devastating predators to your fish pond will most likely be herons and raccoons.

Raccoons are fascinating creatures but they can quickly become a pest when they destroy, trash or otherwise disrupt the ecosystem of your Koi pond.  Herons will not trash the pond so much as they will quickly eat your inventory.  These nuisance birds usually feed alone (not preferring other herons feeding at the same, small pond at the same time) but swallowing a large fish in one destructive gulp is what they do best.

Trapping or killing pond predators is not often desirable but making them feel unwelcome is your best bet.  It is possible to trap and relocate raccoons, if this is the only wildlife problem you encounter on your property.  In this case, use a live animal trap suited for the job.  Our raccoon trap is designed to humanely capture and hold the raccoon (or other wildlife such as cats, skunks, armadillo, etc.) while keeping you safe from the trapped animal.

The best deterrents for nuisance herons and raccoons are visual scare devices that resemble the animal's natural predators or those that the nuisance animals cannot get used to.  Prowler owls and Terror Eyes have limited success against herons and do not work very well against raccoons unless used in combination with other scare devices. 

We have found the best scare device to use around fish or Koi ponds is an authentic floating alligator head.  The Gator Guard is the best alligator head to use.  This device is carefully hand crafted and painted to resemble a real alligator, a natural predator of many birds and animals in the wild.  Its glittering eyes "follow" birds and animals as they approach or circle your pond and its painted markings are real enough to fool your neighbors.  There have been instances of well meaning neighbors shooting the Gator Guard, mistaking it for a real alligator.

The Gator Guard has life-like markings that fools even the most stubborn animal pests.

Gator Guard Floating Alligator HeadOne of the main defects in device designed to scare nuisance wildlife is that any animal can get used to a device that is stationary.  The Gator Guard floats on the water surface, drifting to different locations.   If you have a large lake or pond, you can restrict the movement of the alligator head to the water's edge where herons, raccoons and other fish eating wildlife frequent. 

Simply tie the appropriate length of fishing line to the bottom of the Gator Guard and anchor it with a small weight.  This will ensure that your "alligator" stays in the area that needs the most protection.

Another device that is often used to safely scare wildlife from ponds and gardens is the electronic scarecrow.  This device is best used in combination with one or two Gator Guard floating alligator heads.

How to order Gator Guard

Specifications. Dimensions:
Shipping Weight:
25" long x 11" wide x 7" tall
4 pounds
To 1 acre(0.4 hactares) depending on size, shape, surroundings of area
durable, dark green urethane foam and coating with UV protection

Gator Guard Floating Gator Head

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