Ultralite Discreet Fly Trap

Last updatedLast updated: July 13, 2022
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Effective against fruit fliesgnatsdrain flies and other fly pests in restaurants, homes and offices.  Quick links for flies:

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Use the Ultralite 30 watt fly trap in high traffic areas where low profile characteristics are important.  This unit combines professional insect control with stylish looks.  Insects are lured by the combination of Ultraviolet light and a pheromone impregnated glue trap.  Most discreet “up lights” of this type are not as effective as the Ultralite as they lose most of their effectiveness through exterior design.

This unit uses reflective back plates that ensure your UV light is not directed onto the wall, degrading any color or pattern.  The powerful pheromone and ultraviolet light combination attracts flies over a 450 square foot area.  In a restaurant, you will need two fly traps to cover a 1,000 square foot dining area.
Each 30 watt fly trap requires two 15 watt, 18 inch straight bulbs.

Ultralite Professional Ultraviolet Fly trap:

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Insectalite Ultraviolet Fly Trap

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