Microencapsulated Insecticide Concentrates

Last updatedLast updated: July 14, 2022
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Microencapsulated Insecticide Concentrates

A microencapsulated (micro encapsulated) product can give you a longer residual than a conventional liquid concentrate (EC) without leaving an unsightly residue found when using wettable powders.  Good examples of professional concentrates in microencapsulated form: Demand CSTempo SC Ultra.  Suspend SC is a suspension concentrate, a formulation that also gives at least twice the residual and safety of conventional emulsifiable concentrates.
This type of insecticide will actually deposit microscopic particles of insecticide (invisible to the naked eye) on surfaces where it is sprayed or applied.  These tiny “bubbles” of active ingredient are burst when stepped on by or groomed in by the targeted pest.  Many people have discovered that Demand CS insecticide concentrate may cost more than conventional products but each bottle makes many gallons of odorless spray, saving a great deal of money over long periods.
Suspend SC is the most popular product used in control of spidersfleasticks and ants in and around homes and restaurants.
If you want a longer residual than what is provided by an emulsifiable concentrate but do not want the visible residue left by a wettable powder, choose Suspend SC or Demand CS.

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