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Last updatedLast updated: July 14, 2022
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Use Invade Bio Foam for best results when cleaning scum and organic material build-up in drains and other areas where flies breed, other pests congregate.
Destroy the organic materials that cause bad odors in homes, restaurants.
Always us a foamer when applying foam products.


MicroFoam and Foam ApplicatorMicroFoam is a super concentrated, non-toxic, multi-purpose, micro cleaner used to eliminate drain line build up that causes odors and drain fly or fruit fly infestations.  Pictures show MicroFoam and foaming device used for professional application of foaming solution.

Most microbial cleaners cannot be used as a spray and as a foam.  MicroFoam can be mixed with water to spray or pour in drains or can be foamed in a foaming applicator for applications that stick to greasy drain film.
Foaming also allows deeper penetration of your product.

For best drain fly/ fruit fly prevention and elimination, use Gentrol Concentrate with Micro Foam in your foamer.  Restaurants and commercial food handling areas should also use an ultraviolet fly trap to aid in fly control.

Compare MicroFoam to Drain Gel, DF 5000

Each eight ounce container of MicroFoam will make eight gallons of liquid or foam solution.  For most jobs, use 1/4 ounce Micro Foam per quart, especially when applying product with the professional foamer.   This product is a must for restaurants, hospitals and other such establishments that constantly fight drain flies.

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