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Mosquito and Flying Insect Pest Repellent

Reducing Chances of Mosquito Bites

How to order Mosquito and Gnat Scat, Mosquito Dunks, Mosquito Bits

Mosquitoes and other biting insect pests are a nuisance and hazard during Spring, Summer and Fall.  Their bites are a particular problem to children participating in outdoor activities at home, on playgrounds and in parks.  Many of these pests are also capable of transmitting diseases, some of which can be fatal.

Now there is a safe and effective way to eliminate mosquitoes and other biting insects with Dr. T's "Mosquito and Gnat Scat" insect repellent.  This product is made from all natural ingredients, is non-toxic to humans and animals and also has a pleasant aroma.  This material will not harm vegetation.

One application of Mosquito and Gnat Scat repellent can last up to 3 weeks and is not destroyed by rain.  In addition to being a flying insect repellent, this product is also a soil enhancer and turf builder.  Make your lawn biting insect free with Mosquito and Gnat Scat all natural repellent.

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Reducing Chances of Mosquito Bites

Because of the recent reports of the West Nile Virus being detected in birds in South Georgia and North Florida and the infection of at least one human by the virus, there is a growing concern among homeowners and the desire to know what they can do to prevent mosquito bites.  There are several things that may be done which include the following:

  1. Empty all containers holding water in your yard.  Remove all containers that may hold water.  Pay attention to items such as children's toys, rain gutters, pet water dishes, etc.
  2. Keep lawn mowed and properly raked, free from piles of leaves, grass clippings.
  3. When going outdoors, apply a mosquito repellent.  Any product containing Deet is usually effective, however, do not apply products containing Deet to small children.  There are "Deet Free" products such as Cedarcide which can be used on pets and children.  (For pricing and availability of Cedarcide, contact Professional Pest Control Products of Pensacola)
  4. Apply a nontoxic, nonpoisonous mosquito repellent on your lawn.  Dr. T's Mosquito and Gnat Scat Repellent is an excellent product for this use.  The material is highly effective for several weeks and contains a combination of 3 natural oils in a clay base.  This product is to be scattered over the yard.
  5. Use Mosquito Dunks in any standing water which cannot be eliminated, including fish ponds, bird baths, dogs' water dishes, storm drainage ponds, decorative ponds.  This material will not harm birds, fish, wildlife, people or pets and kills mosquito larvae for 30 days!
  6. Avoid activities on the outside during peak flying insect activity: early mornings and late afternoons.

For more information on these procedures or products mentioned, call:

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