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General Information            Reducing Risk of West Nile Virus

NEW - Mosquito Control: Combine Nyguard IGR with an insecticide for spraying foliage, surfaces where mosquitoes rest.  IGR transfers to mosquito breeding sites!

Mosquito control can be very difficult but must be attempted to not only rid our homes of annoying bites but also to stop the spread of certain mosquito borne health problems.  In a perfect world we need only eliminate the breeding grounds of these biting pests.  This is easier said than done!  Even if you eliminate all possible breeding sites on your personal property, mosquitoes born in other areas will still fly to your part of the world.
Eliminating all possible mosquito breeding sources - standing water, piles of cut grass and fallen leaves, cleaning fence rows of tall grasses and weeds, keeping rain gutters free of leaf litter and other vegetation- is indeed your starting point in an integrated pest management program targeting disease carrying pests.
In the past, we could only take care of standing water on our own property.  This left us helpless against mosquitoes breeding in standing water for a mile or two from our own homes.  Now, an IGR is available that solves most of that "bad neighbor" problem: NyGuard IGR.
Once Nyguard is sprayed on mosquito harborage sites (hang-outs for mosquitoes), the insect growth regulator is transferred from sprayed leaves and other vegetation to the legs of the female mosquito.  When this mosquito flies to standing water to lay her eggs, the IGR is then transferred to the water.  This tiny amount of Nyguard will not harm fish or other aquatic life, but will inhibit the growth and development of mosquito larvae.  This horizontal transference is a claim that can only be made by NyGuard IGR
A complete mosquito control program not only eliminates breeding sources but also includes long-term prevention (using Mosquito Dunks in bird baths, fish ponds, drainage ditches or storm drains, lakes, pet water dishes and other mosquito breeding grounds) and short-term knock down of mosquito larvae (Mosquito Bits) and adult mosquitoes (fogging areas on your property to kill adult insect pests.)  The evening before or morning of outdoor activities (parties, cook outs, wedding receptions) use Mosquito & Gnat Scat to help repel any flying insects from the area.
As added extra personal protection, use a good insect repellent on exposed skin.  Health professionals agree that an insect repellent containing DEET is best for most people.  Smaller children and other people can use an alternative to DEET, such as CedarCide natural insect repellent.  DEET products last longer but both will help stop mosquitoes from biting.
In this article, we will show you different methods of killing, repelling and preventing mosquito infestations with the use of different products, both indoors and outdoors.  Of course, you should never rely on this items as your only tools in a sensible pest management program.   All possible areas where mosquitoes breed should be eliminated, to the best of your ability and those people who are at a higher risk for West Nile virus and its effects should avoid being outdoors during peak hours of mosquito activity.
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Obviously if you have an indoor mosquito problem, the best solution is to seal them out by repairing doors, screens, windows, etc..  If for some reason this is not always possible, you can use a space spray to kill flying pests.  This can be done in one of two ways: with a hand-held pyrethrin fog (pyrethrin aerosol space spray) or with the use of a metered aerosol dispenser.  The pyrethrin aerosol will give a quick kill of any flying insect pest indoors.  Placed strategically, an aerosol dispenser can give constant knock down of mosquitoes and flies in an area up to 6,000 cubic feet.   The dispenser uses a pyrethrin spray that applies a small burst of natural pyrethrins every 15 minutes.  Purge III is the choice of pest control operators and restaurants.  This combination (aerosol dispenser and Purge) will help eliminate flying pests which invade homes, restaurants and other businesses.  Each can of Purge contains 3,000 metered sprays, enough to last for about 30 days.
For larger indoor jobs (warehouses or other large buildings) use an electric fogger.  The most popular fogger for larger buildings is the
B&G Flex-A-Lite Fogger.    Natural pyrethrins are used for fogging machines.  Ready to Use .5% Fog can be applied without mixing and Exciter Concentrate can be mixed at varying rates.

Pyrethrin Aerosol Purge Aerosol Dispenser

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Outdoor Mosquito Control

Fogging:    This method of controlling mosquitoes, flies and other such pests is temporary but is indeed necessary in many instances, including health threats from severe bug populations and to prepare for an outdoor activity where these pests are unwanted.  Choose from the following foggers for outdoor mosquito control:

Burgess and Bonide Thermal Foggers - These units are for outdoor use only.  A thermal fogger (as opposed to a cold fogger) produces a pesticide fog or smoke by heating the fogging solution with a coil inside of the unit.  Once this coil warms up, it will produce a nice insect fog that is directed to areas where you would like to kill mosquitoes, biting flies, gnats and other pests.  These unwanted pests not only pose a possible health threat but also make outdoor events a frustrating experience for you, your family and guests.
Thermal Foggers are both light weight and economical for use around homes and small businesses.  Choose from Electrical Fogger and Propane FoggerOnly pesticides that burn can be used in this type of fogger.  The following products will burn in a thermal fogger:

Resmethrin Insect Fog - This is a ready-to-use fogging solution, to be 
used outdoors only, for controlling mosquitoes, flies, biting flies and other annoying pests.  Active ingredients: .2% Resmethrin.  No mixing required.  Available in quart and gallon sizes.  (One quart of Burgess Bug Killer Insect Fog is included with the purchase of each Burgess Thermal Fogger.)
Resmethrin Bug Killer Insect Fogging information.
Ready to Use Pyrethrins -  Each gallon contains 0.5% Pyrethrins and 5.0% Piperonyl Butoxide.  For use in Burgess and other thermal foggers and is also used in cold foggers.  Labeled for indoor and outdoor use.  Use Permethrin Concentrate with your Pyrethrins if you want a longer residual for outdoor insecticide applications.   Each gallon of Ready to Use Pyrethrins costs $49.50, plus S&H.

Cold Foggers - These types of fogging units do not require insecticides to burn in order to create a mist or fog.  This type of fog is considered cleaner and can be used indoors and outdoors to kill unwanted flying or biting pests.  B&G Electric Foggers are the choice of professionals who frequently fog homes, restaurants, warehouses, patios and other selected outdoor areas.
B&G Professional Fogger Information

There are different products which can be dispensed as a cold fog.  The most popular insecticides to use are Exciter (Pyrethrin Concentrate), Malathion and Permethrin.  Exciter is a concentrated form of natural pyrethrins (quick knock-down, no residual.)  Ready to Use Pyrethrins and Pyrethrin Concentrate are the most popular insecticides used in the control of mosquitoes and other pests ( indoors and outdoors) in cold foggers.
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Surface Spray    In many cases you might find mosquitoes resting or "lighting" on certain shrubs, small trees, ground cover and other such vegetation.  Nyguard IGR and Temp WP is an excellent combination to use in this case.  The wettable powder concentrate leaves an excellent residual for long-term control of insects.
Onslaught, Talstar, Tempo and D-Fense SC are good insecticide concentrates for combining with Nyguard IGR for mosquito control on vegetation.
An initial treatment of NyGuard ONLY will aid in the spread of NyGuard IGR to numerous mosquito breeding sites that are located miles away from your home.  Spray all foliage, grass or other vegetation where mosquitoes prefer to rest in the mornings and early evenings.  Let the mosquitoes do the work for you by transferring NyGuard IGR on their legs to where they will lay their eggs. 

Nyguard IGR will be transferred from areas you spray to the standing water 
where mosquitoes lay their eggs.  See Nyguard Mosquito IGR.
When treating for mosquitoes, lightly spray top and bottom surfaces of foliage.  More information on this Nyguard transference.

Reducing Risk of West Nile Virus

  • Stay indoors during peak mosquito activity.  This is usually at dawn, dusk, early evening.  If you must be outdoors during these periods, protect yourself by using DEET on exposed skin and wear more protective clothing.
  • Wear long pants (instead of shorts) and long sleeves when outdoors.
  • Spray clothing with Permethrin (make sure that you only use products labeled for your clothing!) or DEET.  Look for the words "DEET" or N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide on the label.  DEET is available in different strength formulations.  Use 35% active ingredient or higher; children should not use more than 10% DEET or make sure that they use a DEET-free product such as CedarCide.
  • Avoid eye contact with insect repellents.  Small children will often rub their eyes, transferring the material from their hands to their face.  Always read and follow label instructions.
  • It is usually not necessary to apply heavy amounts of insect repellents to your skin.  If a thin layer does not seem to repel your flying pests, you can easily apply another layer.  When you return indoors, remove the repellents with soap and water.  If you have treated your clothing with DEET or Permethrin, wash these articles separately.
  • Check all windows and door screens.  Do not give the mosquitoes an entrance into your home.
  • Vitamin B and ultrasonic devices are not effective against mosquitoes.


  safe mosquito elimination