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Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb

Head Lice Treatment - Nit CombHead Lice Treatment

Nit and Louse Comb

Head Lice    Pesticide Free Head Lice Mousse Shampoo    Louse Comb for Nits

The Nit Free Terminator is a great tool for fighting head lice infestations.  This easy to use comb can be cleaned and sterilized between uses so that an entire family can use the comb for head lice treatment, louse removal.
Head lice nits are difficult to remove from human hair without the use of special products designed for the job.  Not-Nice-To-Lice shampoo mousse contains no pesticides yet prevents head lice nits from sticking to hair.  The Nit Free Terminator is perfect for removing nits after application of shampoo mousse or can be used alone.  
Louse Comb Details    Nit Free Terminator Order Information 

Head lice nits are oval shaped, .5mm long and .2 mm wide and are securely attached to the hair shaft with a strong adhesive.  This natural glue makes it very difficult to remove the nits from hair.  Pesticide shampoos attempt to kill adult lice.  Not-Nice-To-Lice Mousse makes nit removal easier by disabling the glue that lice use to attach nits.  Nit Free Terminator removes more nits from hair and is an important part of head lice treatment programs.
The spaces or separation of this combs teeth are smaller than the width of nits which allows for their removal as the comb is pulled through the hair.  The length of the combs teeth allow for greater removal of nits and makes the comb adaptable for different lengths and types of human hair.
Microgrooved Teeth
Microscopic cutting edges are distributed along the teeth in a tight, spiral form.  These special teeth actually damage head lice nits as the nits are being removed by the comb.  While the cutting edges are designed for maximum effect on nits, the ends of the teeth are engineered to prevent damage to scalps.  Each tooth of the comb is rounded for your protection.
The handle of the Nit Free Terminator Comb is designed to reduce slipping.  Normal combs can be difficult to handle when hair and hands are wet.

Louse Comb Order Information

Nit Free Terminator Comb can be ordered individually or in money saving combo pack.  The combo pack for head lice treatment includes 1 Nit Free comb and 1 bottle of Not-Nice-To-Lice Mousse Shampoo.  To order extra bottles of shampoo, go to the Not-Nice-To-Lice head lice treatment page.  The order link listed below will give you the option of ordering the combo kit or the Nit Free Terminator Comb only.

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