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NyGuard IGR

NyGuard IGR is new insect growth regulator from MGK Company.
This IGR works on more insect pests and works on more stages of different insect pests than Methoprene, Hydroprene and Archer.
Nyguard IGR Active Ingredient: Pyriproxifen ... 10.0%
How Nyguard lowers mosquito populations

Nyguard IGR Controls Fleas, Roaches, InsectsPricing, packaging and ordering NyGuard IGR

This insect growth regulator is excellent for preventing or controlling dozens of household pests.

For preventative pest control, add Nyguard to your insecticide spray.  Instead of waiting for an infestation, spray this IGR in and around your home for a safer pest management approach.

Nyguard Lowers Mosquito Populations

Nyguard halts mosquito larvae development where ever the female mosquito lays her eggs!

To inhibit the growth of immature mosquitoes, NyGuard need only be present in as little as .012 parts per billion in areas where mosquitoes breed!

More Nyguard mosquito control information

Mosquito control: Combine only 4 to 8 ml of Nyguard to a gallon of insecticide solution 
(Onslaught, Talstar, D-Fense SC) when spraying mosquito harborage sites.
A harborage site is any location where mosquitoes rest when not feeding or breeding.  Mosquitoes feed on animals and people, breed in standing water and rest on vegetation, trees, shrubs, grass, piles of leaves, etc.
The combination of an insecticide such as Talstar and Nyguard IGR sprayed on one of these locations will have an effect on all three locations.
When a mosquito rests on vegetation that has been treated with Nyguard, some of the Nyguard IGR sticks to the legs of the mosquito.  When the female insect lands on standing water (to lay her eggs) the IGR is transferred to the water where eggs are laid and where larvae will hatch.  Nyguard IGR helps prevent mosquito larvae from maturing to a reproducing adult, effectively breaking the life cycle of the mosquito.
Mosquito Dunks and Methoprene Granules halt mosquito larvae production in standing water on your property.  Nyguard halts mosquito larvae production where ever the female mosquito lays her eggs.

Nyguard Specimen Label
      Compare NyGuard to Precor IGR and Gentrol IGR 

Mixing Rates for Different Pests, Indoors and Outdoors
This chart shows simple mixing instructions for spraying Nyguard IGR indoors and outdoors for various pests.
IGR may be used alone (for prevention or in sensitive areas where an insecticide cannot be used or is undesired by client); is most often tank-mixed with an insecticide to kill adult insects and to quickly lower the population of pest involved.  NyGuard IGR can be used indoors and outdoors and is labeled for use in commercial food establishments.

NyGuard Label Summary

Insect Pests

Indoor Rate Outdoor/Perimeter Treatments


11 ml. per gallon of water
(treats aprx. 1,500 sq. ft.)
11 ml.
per 1,500 sq. ft.
in sufficient water to get coverage
(about 4 gallons water per 1,000 sq. ft.)

Stored Product Pests

11 ml. per gallon of water
treats aprx. 1,500 sq. ft.


4 ml. per gallon of water
treats 1,500 sq. ft.
4 ml. per 1,000 sq. ft.
in sufficient water to get coverage
(about 4 gallons water per 1,000 sq. ft.)

Diptera,  Hymenoptera Insects

4 ml. per gallon of water
treats 1,500 sq. ft.
4 ml. per 1,000 sq. ft.
in sufficient water to get coverage

Litter Beetles:
Darkling Beetle
Hide Beetle
Carrion Beetle

4 ml. per gallon of water
treats 1,000 sq. ft.
4 ml. per 1,000 sq. ft.
in sufficient water to get coverage

NyGuard vs. Gentrol and Precor

Basic information:
** Nyguard is first IGR to lay claim to deformity and/or death of flea pupae, as well as flea eggs and larvae.
**Gentrol inhibits growth and reproduction of roaches and certain pantry pests.  
**Precor inhibits growth and reproduction of fleas and cigarette beetles.
**Nyguard inhibits growth and reproduction cycle of fleas, roaches, pantry pests including beetles and moths, crickets, gnats, house flies and other filth flies, mosquitoes and many other listed pests.  See specimen label for extended list of pantry pests, beetles and other insects controlled by Nyguard.
**Precor and Gentrol have about 3 month residual, sometimes longer.
**Nyguard lasts for about 7 months in most applications.
**Nyguard inhibits the immature stages of pests in both larval and nymphal stages.  While certain IGRs work on a roaches ability to shed old exoskeleton and grow new exoskeleton (as the roach tries to mature) and other IGRs work on larval stage of insects (such as fleas and mosquitoes), Nyguard will work on both types of immature insect pests.

Pricing, packaging and ordering NyGuard IGR

NyGuard is packaged in 110 ML bottle.  Use rates vary with targeted pests.
Flea prevention: use 4 to 8 ML Nyguard per gallon of water to cover about 1,500 square feet.
Active infestations require higher dosage and is recommended to us an adulticide (insecticide) with the IGR for fast control of the problem.
Roach and Cricket infestations: use up to 11 ML per gallon of water.
110 ML bottle of Nyguard

Order NyGuard IGR

Nyguard active ingredient (Pyriproxifen) also found in Shockwave Fogging Concentrate.

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