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Pesticide Free Pest Control Products

Pest control products listed contain no pesticides.  These pest control products employ glue (sticky traps), pheromones, ultraviolet, sonic, ultrasonic or other such means to attract, capture or repel insects, spiders, wildlife, rodents, birds or other pests.
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Pesticide-Free Traps

Traps for Insects, Spiders, Bugs Traps for Rats, Mice, Rodents
Granular, Liquid Animal Repellents Electronic Bird, Animal Ultraviolet Traps for Flying Insects

Traps for Insects, Spiders, Bugs

Clothes Moth Trap    This powerful pheromone sticky trap is best used as a monitor during clothes moth elimination or as an alert that warns you of possible clothes moth activity in a closet or other such storage area.

Electronic Flea Trap    Pesticide free trap that uses heat to attract unwanted fleas that are then captured on non-toxic capture pads.  Replacement pads for the flea trap are also available.

Flour Moth Trap    Sticky trap that uses powerful pheromones to attract moths that infest grains.

Fruit Fly Traps    Use these sticky traps in areas of high fly activity.  Useful in controlling fruit flies, Phorid flies around or in trash receptacles, over sinks and other fly hot spots.  Contains no pesticides or pheromones.

Silverfish Trap    This is a sticky trap that is placed in areas of heavy populations or silverfish traffic.

Spider Trap    Pesticide free trap captures spiders on sticky glue surface.  Shape of trap is attractive to spiders.

Bulk Glue   Make your own pesticide free traps for capturing rats, mice, crawling insects, spiders, reptiles.

Traps for Rats, Mice, Rodents

Live Mouse and Rat Traps    These devices capture mice without using poisons, rodenticides or sticky boards.

Mouse Glue Traps    Disposable glue traps designed to capture mice.  Also used to monitor insect activity.

Mouse Master    Wind-up trap used to capture mice.

Rat and Squirrel Trap    Humane live trap large enough to capture squirrels and rats.

Rat Glue Traps    Glue trays and glue boards large enough to capture rats.

Rat Zapper    Electronic device that humanely kills rats, mice.

Run Way    Slim line mouse trap that fits into smaller area than a Tin Cat.  This is a humane, live trap for capturing mice.

Snap Traps    Conventional wooden snap traps for killing rats or mice.

T-Rex    Best snap trap for rats, mice, rodents.  Easy to set, easy to empty.

Tin Cat    Mouse trap that captures mice without killing or harming the rodents. 

Granular, Liquid Animal Repellents

Mole Out -- Mole and Vole Control.
This is a dry granular product that is easily applied from its sprinkler cap.

SNAKE-A-WAY--Unique- only Snake Repellent in the World. Highly effective on poisonous and non-poisonous snakes! Effective repellent for 2 to 3 months--not destroyed by rain! University tested, EPA Registered and a patented product. As a snake approaches the product, its sensory perception is alerted and the snake turns away leaving the area.

Deer Blocker  Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel Repellent.
Contains three different active repellents for maximum efficacy. Guaranteed results! Spray on trees or ornamental shrubs. Repels by odor, burning sensation and taste. Safe and not offensive to humans, resists washing off. Contains three all natural, biodegradable ingredients.

WHOLE CONTROL-- Animals that burrow through soil are an especially troubling pest for homeowners and businesses alike. Moles and voles are a nuisance in lawns and golf courses, and increasingly, throughout the Gulf states, the armadillo has become a formidable enemy. Armadillo, Mole, Vole, Pocket Gopher, Prairie Dog and Nutria Repellent. Bio-degradable-- Effective for up to three months.

DE-FENCE - Dog and Cat Repellent.
Available in pellets and granules.  Four active repelling ingredients; repels by scent and taste.

COBWEB ELIMINATOR--(Unique to the World) 100% Natural, Biodegradable, 100% Food Grade Additives. Cobwebs are eliminated, web adhesion properties neutralized, reformation controlled.  Eliminates dust, pollen and insect debris. 

RID-A-CRITTER--Effective repellent for indoor or outdoor use.  Removes squirrels from attics, rabbits from gardens--without harming them.

BYE-BYE BIRDIE -- Extremely effective repellent for pigeons, starlings, sparrows, etc.  Essentially all birds.  Eliminates birds, bats and squirrels with one product without harming them or pets. Effective repellent for 2 months.  Not destroyed by normal rainfall. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

BAT SCAT -- Bat, pigeon and general bird repellent.  Two month residual. Indoor/outdoor use; safe to humans, pets & plants when used as directed.  Widely used by the pest control industry.

Rat Scat Rat & Mouse Repellent
Keeps Rats & Mice and the diseases they carry away.  Eliminates the need for poisonous baits, messy traps and glue boards.   A dry, granular product that is easy to apply and lasts up to 3 months.

SNAKEGUARD -- The SnakeGuard snake trap safely and effectively removes unwanted snakes. The SnakeGuard snake trap is the sensible, safe, easy, and humane alternative for dealing with snakes.

Mosquito & Gnat Scat -- This is a dry granular product that is easily applied from its sprinkler cap. The product can be used around homes, lawns, pool and patio areas, water gardens, tennis courts, picnics and campsites. It is ideal for applying  before outdoor weddings, pool and patio parties, around schools and cookouts or other areas where flies, gnats, mosquitoes are abundant.

Electronic Bird, Animal

Critter Blaster    Sonic electrical device used to rid gardens and other such areas of nuisance wildlife.  Sounds are not species-specific, so they are effective against all animals and birds, plus bats and rodents.

Goose Buster    Electric repeller used to scare geese from large areas.

Sonic Bird Repeller    Electronic repellers designed to humanely scare nuisance birds from buildings, gardens or other such areas.

Ultrasonic Repeller    This unit uses ultrasonic sound waves; scares unwanted birds or animals from attics, warehouses or other indoor areas.

YardGard    Outdoor, cordless electrical unit that covers about 4,000 square feet.  Great for repelling stray animals, raccoons or unwanted wildlife from your yard, patio, porch.  Uses sonic and ultrasonic technology to make animals feel unwelcome.

Ultraviolet Traps for Flying Insects

Flytrap Professional    Ultraviolet light and pheromones attract flies, fruit flies and others to replaceable sticky trap.  Unique design is great for commercial kitchens.  Two sizes available.  

Luralite    Ultraviolet fly trap designed for front end use in restaurants, buffets.  Captures flies with ultraviolet and pheromones.  Flies are captured on sticky pads that are replaceable.

Satalite    Ultraviolet and pheromones attract flies to replaceable pads.  Modern design for use in lounges, bars, dimly lit public areas.

Ultraviolet Powered Electric Fly Zappers

Exocutor    This is the most popular zapper fly killer.  Priced for homes, small business or small areas.

Insectaflash    Designed for large commercial premises, the Insectaflash is the ultimate in zapping insect control.

Splashproof, Excalibur    Commercial fly zapping unit designed for areas where moisture is expected, in dairies, commercial coolers, other damp areas.

Catchmaster Glue Trapping Products  Catchmaster products are manufactured to capture flying insects, rats, mice, rodents with pesticide free, non-toxic glues that resist heat and temperature extremes.  This product line includes Mouse Glue Traps, Rat Glue Trays, Giant Rat Glue Boards and Gold Stick pheromone fly traps.

Pesticide Free Head Lice Treatment   
Nit Free Terminator Comb for Nits    Not-Nice-To-Lice Mousse Shampoo 

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