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Weevils on Pigeon Plum Trees

How do I get rid of weevils that have infested pigeon plum trees?

Most people plant pigeon plums as ornamentals.  When the fruit of plum trees (and other fruit trees) is not intended to be used as food or feed, more aggressive options are available for ridding them of various bugs or pests.  Which methods to use for ridding your tree of pests are mostly determined by the infestation itself.

Non-pesticide Control    Pesticides for Weevil Control 

Household Pest Weevil    Tree Weevil Control  

Non-pesticide Control

At first onset of weevil (or other bug) problems on trees, hand picking or washing methods can be used.  Tall or large trees (those that are too tall for hand picking of pests to be reasonable) can be washed with water using your garden hose.  The force of the water will not only knock off many pests but it also reaches more leaves on their bottom sides, the sides that rain would rarely reach.  A weak solution of soap and water, dispensed with a 20 Gallon Hose End Sprayer, can also be used to wash bugs off of trees.  Soap helps break down the outer cuticle (exoskeleton cover) that is vital to the life of insects.

Pesticides for Weevil Control

When weevil populations are moderate to high, use a professional insecticide that is labeled for use on the type of tree that is infested or under attack.  A professional grade concentrate will typically have a longer staying power or residual (greatly reducing the need for repeated applications, thus lowering the amount of chemicals used) and has a greater initial knock-down.  Dragnet (professional grade Permethrin) and Talstar One are both professional insecticide concentrates that are labeled for use on most ornamental shrubs, trees and ground cover.  Dragnet costs less; Talstar works better and has a longer residual.  When spraying trees for weevil control, use a hose-end sprayer.  A hose end sprayer attaches to your garden hose, giving you greater pressure that can usually reach higher tree limbs and effectively spray both sides of infested leaves.  [Insect pests can most often be found hiding and/or feeding on the bottom of leaves.  This behavior protects insects from predators and the heat of the sun.]  To reach higher branches of your pigeon plum tree (or other trees), remove the directional attachment from your hose end sprayer.  This is also a good way to "blow through" the leaves of a tree, treating both sides of the effected leaves.
Low insecticide rates are usually sufficient to kill weevils and other such insect pests that are attacking trees and shrubs.  Professional grade Permethrin requires only 1/2 ounce or less of concentrated product per gallon of water used.
Talstar One concentrate needs even less product to kill weevils, ants and other targeted pests: 1/4 ounce per gallon of water usually does the job.  Higher rates can be used if necessary.  Many professionals prefer to use Talstar concentrate, not only because of its ability to control a multitude of indoor and outdoor pests but also because the insecticide/ miticide calls for the use of far less active ingredients than other insecticides.  Talstar is also odorless and does not leech into ground water.
When spraying ornamental trees and shrubs, it is best to treat both sides of leaves as well as certain areas of the tree trunk and ground around the plant.  Spray tree trunks up to head-high level or up to the crotch of the tree.  Spray the ground under the tree, beginning at the trunk and out no further than the drip line of the tree.  Using these spray patterns, you will have a better chance of controlling weevils and other plant pests - adult and immature stages - before they become a threat to your landscape plants.  As always, read and follow label instructions before mixing and applying pesticides to trees, lawns or shrubs.

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