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Pheromone Trap Failure

There is usually a simple reason for pheromone traps failing to rid a home or warehouse of targeted grain moths, beetles and other targeted pantry pests.

In nature, pheromones are powerful signals used by insects and animals for various reasons.  Most pheromones produced in nature deal with the perpetuation of the species.
Moth pheromones (for example) are so powerful that male moths can detect a "friendly" female moth's attractants from miles away for their origin.  This is very important to remember when using pheromone traps inside homes or warehouses for the purpose of elimination pest populations.
Pheromone traps are unique in design, yet simple in function.

  • Pantry pests such as a grain moth (for example) have a lop-sided gender gap: the vast majority of moths in a home are male.  These males have one desire: find the female moth before others of their kind beat them to the punch.
  • Pheromone traps attract and capture all of the male pests in the area.  Without these males, the population will crash and the remaining females will die without reproducing.
  • Place a single trap in a 2,000 square foot building.  The pheromone can be detected from all areas of the building.  Males will hone in on the trap and be captured.

Why Traps Fail:

  1. The number one cause of pheromone trap failure is the use of too many traps.
  2. The next major problem that causes trap failure is placement.  When pheromone trap is placed in a cabinet or pantry (for example) and the pantry door is closed, a small space loaded with attractants is created and targeted pest cannot locate the trap.
  3. Incorrect trap for targeted pests.

In first two of the above causes, pheromones cannot lure the moth or beetle to the pad.  Their entire world is filled with pheromones, giving them no sense of direction to fly.  Placing a pheromone trap in a closed cabinet is just as bad as placing five traps in an average size home.

The third cause usually involves moths.  Clothes moths and grain moths (flour moths) have entirely different pheromones.  A clothes moth trap will not attract or capture grain moths -- unless the grain moth just happens to land on the sticky pad by accident.
Choosing a moth trap is simple.  Adult, flying clothes moths are rarely seen and if seen, never in large numbers.  Damage to materials due to larva of clothes moth is seen far more than the sighting of an actual clothes moth.
If you see numerous moths in your home on a daily basis, you are dealing with a type of grain moth (aka flour moth), a generic term used to describe moths whose larvae feed on grains.  This type of moth is a pantry pest; a clothes moth is a fabric pest.  Best moth trap for grain moths in homesBest trap for warehouse moths.
Both traps are very good.  The trap for use in homes contains two traps; gracious plenty for the average home.  Warehouse moth traps have same pheromones but come in larger packs, due to the size of warehouses.
Identifying which beetle has infested your cabinets or warehouse may be a bit difficult but can be done with a little patience.  Luckily, we leave in a new era of pest management.  Professional pheromone traps which target beetles that are pantry pests will attract many different beetle species.
See Combo Pheromone Traps for warehouses, businesses that may encounter various species of pantry pests, moths and beetles.

A package may contain two to twelve traps.  This does not mean that you are supposed to set them all out at once.
Fewer is better!  If the pest population is so high that your trap becomes loaded with bugs, throw away the old trap and replace with a new one.

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