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Sonic Bird Expeller

This sonic bird repeller is used to scare pigeons and pest birds from areas where pigeon control is needed.  Each Professional Bird Expeller will cover an area as large as 4 to 8 acres.  With four individual speakers this unit makes direction of sound variable and complete.  The sounds produced by the bird repeller are programmable and variable in tones as well as volume.  For small areas (residential carports or garages for 1 to 4 cars, patios, etc.) the Bird Expeller Pro will do.  For larger jobs, use the Super Bird Expeller Pro.

Pigeons are not the smartest animal on the planet but they are creatures of habit and will constantly return to their favorite roosting, nesting and feeding sites.  Patience and persistence is a must when working your pigeon control program.

If your bird problem spot is a pigeon feeding area, pest control items (sonic, ultrasonic and scare devices) will have far greater impact if all possible food items are removed.  In pubic areas this can sometimes be a challenge.  Many people enjoy feeding pigeons without realizing the potential health problems the flocks of pigeons can bring into the area.

When pigeons are nesting in an unwanted area, start your bird control program at a time that will best minimize the possibility of baby birds being stranded or harmed.  Before any pest control measures aimed at removing unwanted nuisance pigeons can be successful (in pigeon nesting areas) all nesting materials must be removed.  If pigeon nests are not removed, the nesting pigeons will overcome your best pest control measures to get back to their nests.  This strong nesting instinct is one of the major problems in pigeon control.

After nesting and feeding materials have been removed, place the Super Bird Expeller Pro so that the four speakers concentrate on areas of highest bird infestation.  Experimenting with speaker placement, sound programming and volume might be necessary.  As with any pest bird elimination program, combine one or two visual scare devices or roosting inhibitors with your sonic or ultrasonic device.
In major bird, pigeon population population problems that cover large areas or multiple buildings, more than one electronic device might be necessary.
Once nesting materials have been removed and ledges have been cleaned, Bird Spikes are an excellent tool to use for stubborn pigeons.  Once installed, check the spikes on a regular basis.  Birds have been known to slowly build up layers of sticks, leaves, straw or other nesting materials between bird spikes in such a way as to make the spikes ineffective.  By removing these materials, your bird spikes will remain effective.

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Drive pigeons away with Super BirdXPeller PRO

Pricing & Ordering Information

Programmable species-specific repeller The new sonic repeller from BIRD-X uses birds' own distress calls to create a "danger zone" - it frightens infesting pigeons away and covers up to 6 acres!

Proven and Guaranteed Bird Control
In extensive field tests, Super BirdXPeller PRO has significantly reduced or completely eliminated bird infestations.

How it Works
Super BirdXPeller PRO features birds' distress cries on a microchip (supplied by a major American university). The birds perceive danger when they hear these sounds. They become agitated and disoriented: they think their flock mates are in trouble so they flee the area... never to return.

Species-Specific and Programmable
Target your birds with a species-specific approach - not scattershot. There are eight bird sounds on the unit, so choose the ones that are invading your space! In fact, some of the eight are predator calls - if you add these to your program, you'll give the birds even more of a sense of danger. Then, if you need to repel different birds in the future, simply re-program your Super BirdXPeller PRO.) In addition to programming the selected birds, you can also program volume, time off periods (between sound blasts), and whether the bird sounds play in random or sequential order. These programming options make it virtually impossible for birds to get used to any one pattern.

Super BirdXPeller PRO attacks the pigeons (and other nuisance birds) with loud, terrorizing sounds, but it doesn't harm them.


Unit Dimensions:

Control Panel

9" x 9" x 5.25"


4" x 4" x 6"

Shipping Weight:

12 pounds

Power Requirements:

110 or 220vAC or 12vDC

Sound Pressure:

105 - 110 dB @ 1 meter


3 - 5 kHz


UL and CE listed. EPA Est. 62617-OR-001

     Pricing and Ordering
Two Super BirdXPeller PRO models for your needs:
(Targets pigeons, starlings, sparrows, gulls and woodpeckers)

(Targets crows, blackbirds, grackles and geese)

Bird Control Devices Information, Ordering

Easy Operation
Use with standard 110vAC electricity (adapter included) or purchase a 12vDC deep cycle marine type battery instead. A solar power panel is available for use with a battery.

NEMA control box, with controls, plus four powerful directional speakers. Also included: AC adaptor DC battery cables, and complete instructions.

Up to 6 acres (3.2 hectares) at full volume.

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