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Premium Fogging Solutions

Use Natural Pyrethrins for Fogging Homes, Restaurants, Commercial Food Handling Areas.

Fogging for various pests, both indoors and outdoors, is often used when a fast reduction of the pest population is required.  This type of pest control is usually considered temporary yet necessary.  Fogging outdoors and fogging indoors require different application methods and different insecticide fogging solutions.

Indoor Fogging Techniques    Premium Indoor Insecticide Fogging Solutions

Indoor Fogging Techniques

Outdoor fogging is generally reserved for killing mosquitoes when the mosquito population (in a given area) is deemed too high.  Outdoor fogging products can be applied with either a thermal fogger or cold fogger.  Products used for outdoors can sometimes contain an insecticide that has a slight residual effect but most contain insecticides that are noted for quick knock down and little or no residual.
Outdoor fogging insecticides are generally cheaper (more economical) to purchase yet cannot be used indoors, especially in sensitive areas: classrooms, hospitals, food storage areas, restaurants and various types of commercial food handling areas.

Fogging indoors requires cleaner application to kill targeted pests.  Thermal foggers that are commonly used for exterior pest control are not suited well for indoor use.  Cold foggers are best for indoors.  A cold fogger uses motor and fan combinations to "cut" droplets into small particles suited for the job.  Professional foggers are available that allow you to adjust droplet or particle size.  Larger droplets sink faster, reducing wind drift (if used outdoors.)  Smaller droplets tend to float longer.
Cold foggers emit droplets; thermal foggers produce "smoke."  When foggers are adjusted to very small particle size, the insecticide will slowly drift and sink in application area, giving better coverage and better insect control.

Premium Indoor Insecticide Fogging Solutions

When fogging indoors, do not use products produced for outdoor mosquito control.  Resmethrin or Permethrin are often the active ingredients; using such ingredients indoors will create problems.  Although safe for outdoors, the outdoor fogging products can be hazardous when used indoors.

Purchase and use fogging products that contain natural pyrethrins (not synthetics such as Resmethrin); premium or professional products also contain good synergists.  Natural pyrethrins and professional grade synergists will provide good knock down of pests and are considered to be much cleaner to use.
Exciter is a concentrated pyrethrin product which is mixed with water, to desired strength, and then applied with proper fogger.
Ready to use products are becoming very popular because they require no mixing.  Simply pour the liquid into your fogger and apply as directed.  There are two premium fogging solutions from which you can choose: .5% fog and 1.00% fog.
The new Shockwave Fogging is a solution that not only contains a full 1.00% pyrethrins but also contains an IGR and two synergists.  IGR is an insect growth regulator that inhibits the growth, development and reproduction of certain insect pests.  IGR in Shockwave is same as Nyguard IGR concentrate.
When fogging indoors, there are key points to remember:

  • Only use products that are labeled for indoor use.
  • Always read and follow label instructions.
  • More is not better!  Usually, 1 ounce of solution is required for every 1,000 cubic feet.  This low amount will create a slow moving fog that provides better control.  Using too much material will only make the air heavy with moisture, a condition that will cause your product to simply sink too fast, providing poor control and making a mess.
  • Use a cold fogger, not a thermal fogger.
  • When treating commercial food handling areas, use only products that are labeled specifically for those sites.

Shockwave Fogging Information    .5% Fog Information