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Pest Control Kits

Money Saving Kits for Different Pest Control Jobs

Each "kit" listed has been designed to save you money when eliminating or controlling different household pests.  A kit is simply a group of products or equipment needed to control pests in and around homes or businesses; many kits are also available without equipment, assuming that the end user does not need to purchase pest control equipment such as pump sprayers or broadcast/ hose-end sprayers.
Most kits contain an insecticide concentrate for treating in and around certain structures.  These insecticides not only control the pest for which the kit was created but your added bonus is that professional strength pesticides are usually labeled for many pests found in and around your home.  When choosing a kit, click on the product description links to view different bugs that can be controlled with each product.  It is also important to know if a particular material is labeled for indoors, outdoors or both.

The list of available kits is constantly growing because we listen to you, the consumer.  If you there is a combination of products and/ or equipment needed for a pest you often encounter, let us know what you believe would be a convenient, safe combination kit.   

Our pest control kits are used for treating a variety of pests with different treatment methods.  While some people need or desire to use sprays to control their targeted pests, others prefer to use insect baits.  The following kits are used to control Fireants, Clothes Moths, household ants, spiders, wasps, fleas, Boxelder bugs, Carpenter Bees, Cockroaches, Asian Lady Beetles and others.

Bed Bug Combo Kit

Bed bug extermination is hard enough; use the best products available and get rid of the bugs.  Insecticides alone will not get the job done.  Without elbow grease, patience, endurance and correct techniques, you will not get rid of a bed bug infestation.
Most people want to either "hose down" their homes with an insecticide, set off "bug bombs" and blame other people and bad products on their failure.
Bed bugs do not go away with just a couple of treatments.  Even when correct products are used, you will see these stubborn pests continue to pop up in different locations -- about the time you thought you had them under control.
Mattresses do need taken care of.  NEVER use an insecticide on a mattress or box spring unless the insecticide label allows such use.
Bedlam aerosol does allow spraying of mattresses.  This is only one small step in eliminating bed bugs from a home.  Spraying baseboards as well as flooring, rugs, carpets underneath and around bed frames is a big help but not a stand alone technique.  When spraying such areas, make sure that your insecticide is water-safe for fabrics and materials.  Keep children and pets off of treated surfaces until dry.  Onslaught is one of many products cut out to do a professional job in such areas.  Gentrol IGR can also be added to your insecticide solution.  Insecticides kill adult or visible insects.  An IGR helps prevent immature insects from growing up.   Immature insects will not be able to mature to their next stage.  If they cannot reach adult stage, they cannot reproduce! 
Once sprayed areas have been allowed to dry, every possible crack, crevice, entry point, hiding place and wall void needs to be treated.  In other words, if there is a place where bed bugs can hide but where you cannot spray, these areas need to be treated with a good insecticide dust that is odorless and long-lasting.  This is the hard work that most people skip over or do not repeat as necessary.
When dusting cracks and crevices, use a hand bellows duster (aka Crusader Duster) which will allow you to do a good, safe, neat job.  After you have finished dusting voids and crevices, there should be no visible dust in the area.  Dust should be where the bugs hide and where sprays cannot reach.  This phrase is repeated often because it is the most over-looked in controlling pests such as bed bugs, ticks, mites, etc.
Onslaught, Bedlam, Chapin sprayer and PyGanic Dust are all in the Bed Bug Combo Kit, along with a good hand bellows duster.

Order Bed Bug Combo Kit

Tempo Kits

Tempo Kits contain a combination of insecticide spray concentrate, insecticide dust and equipment needed for proper applications.  This kit is needed for control or elimination of Boxelder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles but is also used to control roaches, ants and other listed pests in homes and businesses.  Tempo products are labeled for use in food handling areas of restaurants and other commercial food preparation facilities.  Controlling pests in restaurants can be different from controlling the same pests in a home kitchen.
The main products in Tempo kits are Tempo WP and Delta Dust.  Tempo WP is an insecticide concentrate in powder form.  The powder concentrate is mixed with water to create an odorless insect spray that gives a long residual (90 days or more when used indoors) for control of many different bugs.  Delta Dust is an odorless, ready to use insecticide dust that is applied to cracks, crevices, hiding places and entry points where targeted bugs usually frequent but where people and pets do not come into contact with the material.  Delta Dust is a water-proof product, making it especially good for treating areas that tend to accumulate moisture that would destroy the pesticide qualities of conventional, over the counter dusts.  Both kits also contain a hand bellows duster for precise application of Delta Dust and other professional insecticide dusts.  Choose the Tempo Kit that suits your needs:

  • Tempo Kit #1        This kit contains 1 jar Tempo WP, a 1 Lb. container of Delta Dust, a Crusader Duster and a Chapin pump type sprayer.  One of the best plastic sprayers on the market.
     If you already own a good pump sprayer, Tempo Kit #2 is designed to save you money.

   Order Tempo Kit #1

  • Tempo Kit #2    This kit contains Tempo WP, Delta Dust and a Crusader hand bellows duster.  Use this kit if you do not need to purchase a good pump sprayer.

Order Tempo Kit #2

Ant Bait Kit

The Ant Bait Kit contains a combination of two Maxforce professional baits that are combined for indoor and outdoor use.  Use this kit if you are dealing with an on-going Pharaoh Ant infestation or if the ant population you have is not responding to a your contact spray and/or dust program.  Before purchasing any ant bait or combination of indoor and outdoor baits you should first identify and research the ants in your home.  The reasons for this are simple: while certain species of ants (such as Pharaoh Ants) can cause worse problems when treated with sprays, other ants (such as Crazy Ants) rarely respond to baits.  There are also times when ant populations are so tremendous around a home that using any ant bait can be a waste of time.
Any time we can entice ants to feed consistently on an ant bait, we are cutting down on amount of products needed in control procedures and we are cutting down on our own labor.  Contact insecticides require that the targeted pest (in this case, ants) to come into contact with the material.  The majority of the foraging workers must come into contact with your spray or little damage is done to the colony or colonies.  Once ants start accepting your bait on a consistent level, the ants do all of the work!
The Ant Bait Kit contains 1 large pouch of Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations and
a 8 ounce container of Maxforce Granular Bait.
The granular bait can be scattered lightly in attics, around the exterior of the building and placed carefully in wall voids.  Each 8 ounce container can cover 5,000 to 10,000 square feet of area.  The bait stations are not your average solid bait product.  Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations contain superior attractants not found in other baits.  Each pouch of Maxforce bait stations for ants contains 24 stations.

Order Ant Bait Kit

To order individual ant baits:

Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations        Maxforce Granular Bait  

  Ant Baits

Ant Exterminator Kit

The Ant Exterminator Kit contains contact insecticides in two forms: dust and spray.  The kit also contains all the equipment needed to safely apply the products in and around the home to control ants, roaches, spiders, silverfish, crickets and numerous other household pests.

In many coastal states (as well as other areas around the country) people will find that they are constantly fighting large populations of small ants.  These pests either will not accept baits on a basis that is consistent enough to eliminate the colonies or the ants will accept baits but the onslaught of crawling pests just will not stop.
Crazy Ants (and other small ants) rarely accept bait formulations.  Results vary (in different parts of the United States) when baiting for Odorous House Ants but must of our customers complain that this particular pest ignores their best baiting programs.
There are professional and over the counter baits that list these small ants on their labels but the ants are usually too finicky or too sensitive to feed on the bait on a constant basis.  When the bugs stop feeding on the bait it is time to switch to materials which have a contact kill instead of a kill by transferring foods.
Argentine Ant infestations often call for pest control products other than baits.  Using Advance Dual Choice or Maxforce Ant Killer Gel indoors will help reduce visible ants in your home - but this method often does not stop the tremendous numbers of ants that continue to invade the structure.  It is encouraging to watch ants feed on your indoor bait but if they continuously invade the home, other elimination methods should be added to your pest management program.  We occasionally hear from clients in California that tell us their ant bait is not working.  When asked, they do admit that the Argentine ants have eaten most (if not all) of their bait.  This tells us that the customer is using a good bait but there are just too many foraging ants (from multiple colonies) to continue using baits as a stand-alone tool.
If you have encountered any stubborn or severe ant populations in your home (or business) that resemble the situations discussed here, your best bet is to use a combination of contact residual spray and crack & crevice dust.  Light infestations or simple preventative pest control jobs can be handled with a professional residual treatment.  Heavier or stubborn problems usually require a follow-up, using a safe, reliable insecticide dust that is applied to areas you cannot reach with a spray.
Choose a spray that is odorless and labeled for safe use indoors and outdoors.  Moderate infestations of Crazy Ants, Odorous House Ants or other indoor pest problems can be taken care of by using Demon WP, Cyper WP, Suspend SC or Demand CS.
NEW GENERICS: Cyper WP (same as Demon WP), D-Fense SC (same as Suspend SC), Cyzmic CS (same as Demand SC).  These products contain the same active ingredient at same strength as their name brand counterparts -- at a much lower price.  In most of our pest control kits, these products are already in use.

Heavier infestations of these listed ants will require an application of Delta Dust or Drione Dust in wall voids, cracks, crevices or any area where ants hide or enter a room.  In other words, use your dust in areas where people and pets will not come into contact with the product but your targeted ants will forage.  Both Delta and Drione are excellent dusts but we prefer to use Delta Dust when killing ants.  Drione Dust has a great knock-down of many household pests but it must not come into contact with any moisture.  A damp situation will quickly ruin Drione Dust.  Delta Dust is the world's only water-proof insecticide dust.  When applied in walls close to plumbing or other areas where condensation or moisture is present, Delta Dust will continue to kill ants, roaches, silverfish and many other pests.
Use your Crusader Duster when applying dust to cracks and crevices.  The dust is forced deep into areas (where pests crawl or forage) that cannot be reached with conventional liquid sprays or aerosol insecticides.  Dusts that are applied with a hand bellows duster will also stick to surfaces instead of merely piling up.  Crusader Dusters force dust quickly through the application tube, giving the dust particles a charge.  The positive/ negative charge created between the dust and hidden areas where dust is applied helps your dust stick to most unseen surfaces.  This creates a lethal environment for bugs.  An insect or mite will walk around or avoid a pile of dust but they cannot escape thin layers that cover all foraging areas.

To order individual products for killing ants:

Cynoff EC    Cyper WP    Delta Dust   Chapin Sprayer    Crusader Duster  

Carpenter Bee Elimination Kits

Carpenter Bees can be very destructive and they can also be tough to exterminate.  When dealing with a Carpenter Bee problem it is best to combine a good residual spray with a fast acting, residual dust.  Our Carpenter Bee Kits contain everything needed to protect your buildings from destructive wood bees.
There are three different kits to choose from.  The first two kits are identical with the exception of spray equipment.  Many of our customers own a good pump type garden sprayer but need the products used in bee control.  The third kit is designed especially for extreme infestations on log homes or homes that have cedar siding.
A spray and dust combination is required because of the toughness of the targeted pest.  Using your spray, first treat in and around all visible holes or entrance points used by the carpenter bee.  You should also treat any surface where you wish to discourage the bees from boring or drilling.  Suggested products are water-safe for most materials.  Once the spray treatment has been allowed to dry thoroughly (especially in holes and other protected areas) it is time to treat all holes and possible entry points with your dust.  Drione Dust (applied with a Crusader Duster) will give best results.

Carpenter Bee Kit #1 contains 1 pint of D-Fense SC, 1 pound Drione Dust, Chapin sprayer and a Crusader Duster.  Carpenter Bee Kit #2 contains the same items found in Carpenter Bee Kit #1 but without the sprayer.
Carpenter Bee Kit # 3 contains 1 quart Cynoff EC, Drione Dust, Crusader Duster and a hose end sprayer.  Cynoff EC is mixed with water and applied through a pump type sprayer or applied with the hose end sprayer.  The hose end sprayer makes for easier application (and broader coverage) when the user needs to broadcast larger areas such as the sides of a building.  Once all wood bee holes and other surfaces have been allowed to dry thoroughly, Drione Dust must be applied to all existing holes.

Carpenter Bee Kit #1: D-Fense SC,  Drione Dust, Chapin Sprayer, Crusader Duster

Carpenter Bee Kit #2: D-Fense SC, Drione Dust, Crusader Duster

Carpenter Bee Kit # 3: Cynoff EC, Drione Dust, Crusader Duster, 20 Gal. Hose End Sprayer.

Order individual products used for killing carpenter bees:

D-Fense SC    Drione Dust    Cyzmic CS    Cynoff EC

Chapin Sprayer    Hose End Sprayer    Crusader Duster

Clothes Moth Elimination Kit

The elimination of clothes moths (and other fabric pests) can become very involved.  The first and most important step is the one step everyone wants to avoid and for this reason their pest management program fails.  The first step is a two-fold sanitation procedure: cleaning all clothes in infested area and detailed vacuuming/ cleaning of the area.  If all clothing is not dry cleaned and all cracks, crevices and flooring are not properly cleaned, all the chemicals in world will not solve your clothes moth problem.
After all sanitation procedures have been followed, the effected area needs to be treated with a water-safe, odorless product that is labeled for indoor use.
D-Fense SC will take care of clothes moth larvae and other fabric pests.  After spraying baseboards, floors, carpets, etc., you need to dust all possible cracks and crevices with Drione Dust.
Our clothes moth elimination kit is the same as Carpenter Bee Kit #1.

Order individual products for controlling clothes moths, fabric pests:

D-Fense SC    Drione Dust   Chapin Sprayer     Crusader Duster

Fireant Elimination Kits

When the use of ant baits is not desirable or when a faster knock down of fireants  is needed, use one of the fireant kits.  Each kit contains an insecticide concentrate that is used for mixing and drenching fire ant mounds; each kit also contains a bag of dry, granular insecticide used for broadcasting certain areas.  The kits also have other options to suit your needs.  You can choose between two different active ingredients (Cypermethrin, Bifenthrin) for liquid concentrate.  Pint and quart containers are available, if purchased individually.
Cyper WP, Cyper TC, Demon EC and Cynoff EC contain Cypermethrin.

Cyper WP wettable powder    Cyper TC liquid gallon    Cynoff EC quart

Wettable powders available in one pound container; yields 48 gallons of solution.

TC and EC Cypermethrin liquid concentrates require only 1/2 ounce per gallon.

Each quart of Cynoff yields 64 gallons of solution.  Talstar is available in pints and quarts.  Each pint of Talstar concentrate makes up to 64 gallons of solution; each quart of Talstar will make up to 128 gallons of solution.  Talstar granules are shipped in 25 pound bags; each bag will cover 1/4 acre or more.  Best results (longer residual) are achieved by using 4 bags per acre.

Flea Elimination Kits

Fleas are considered a general household pests, just as ants, roaches, silverfish and other bugs.  However, eliminating certain pests in the GHP category often requires different techniques.  Fleas, ticks, carpet beetles or any other pest that is found in your carpets and furniture will require specific products and treatment method to solve your pest problem.

Indoor Flea Control

The first absolute "must" for an indoor flea job is to use products that are labeled for indoor flea use.  In order for an insecticide concentrate to be given an indoor flea label, it is tested for specific safety measures.  Once this type of product has been properly applied and treated surfaces have been allowed to dry, the treated areas must be safe for people and pets.  Professionals in charge of formulating, testing and marketing indoor flea products have extensive knowledge of various situations or environments where these pesticides are to be used.  For instance, they know that cats and dogs lay on these surfaces and that they groom themselves,  licking their paws and feet.  Small children crawl and play on these surfaces; small children also pick up many items off the floor and place them in their mouths.  All of these situations (as well as many others) are taken into consideration before an insecticide or IGR concentrate is given the all important "indoor flea label."
The next "must" is that the material be water safe for fabrics in your home.  Exterminating fleas, ticks, bed bugs, carpet beetles and others requires spraying floors, carpets, rugs, furniture and other indoor items.  A "water safe" product will not stain a fabric that water does not stain.  If you an odd object in your home, you can first test a portion of the object to see if it stains or fades before applying your product.

Indoor Flea Control Products

When dealing with an indoor infestation of fleas, a combination of products should be used.  You need an insecticide and an insect growth regulator (IGR) used in together.  The insecticide kills adult fleas as they hatch; the IGR prevents all eggs and larvae from growing up or maturing into biting, jumping, reproducing adult fleas.
If you spray baseboards and cabinets with a professional insecticide, you can expect to have a residual action of about 4 weeks.  However, do not expect to see more than 2 weeks residual inside your home for adult flea populations found in your rugs, carpets or furniture.  For this reason, a second or follow up treatment is required for most flea infestations in homes.
The IGR used in this type of job does not need a second application, unless carpets are steam cleaned.  Under normal indoor circumstances, an IGR will last from 3 to 6 months.

When choosing products for an indoor flea problem, you will want to use an odorless or super low odor combination.  We have had great results using D-Fense SC insecticide or Permethrin SFR and Nylar IGR.  There are other insecticides that can be used and Methoprene is an alternative IGR that will work.
Our indoor flea kit contains 1 quart Permethrin SFR, a 1 ounce bottle of Nylar IGR, 1 pint of Petcor Flea Spray and a Chapin pump type garden sprayer.
Each 1 ounce bottle of Nylar IGR will cover up to 1,500 square feet of flooring and furniture.  If your home is larger than 1,500 square feet, order extra IGR so that your home is covered sufficiently.  The Petcor Flea Spray is for spraying dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and pet beds or resting areas.  Petcor contains natural pyrethrins and Methoprene.  The pyrethrins will give you a quick knock down of existing fleas on your pet.  Methoprene is an IGR that will inhibit the growth of flea eggs and flea larvae on and around your pets.
Individual items can be ordered, also.  The kit price will save you money over buying each item individually.

Flea Kits 

Order Indoor Flea Kit    Outdoor Fleas    Indoor Outdoor Combo

Order Permethrin SFR    1.25 Gallon Jug Permethrin

Order NyGuard IGR    Order Petcor Flea Spray

Outdoor Flea Control

Exterminating fleas outdoors can pose problems not encountered in other pest control jobs or even indoor flea control.  First, you will be dealing with a larger area; an average sized lot (front and back yards combined) is usually about 10,000 square feet.  You should choose and insecticide that will economically cover such an area and also is safe for people, pets and wildlife.  Just as in indoor flea control, suggested products will be safe for people and pets when used as directed and all people and pets are kept out of treated areas until such areas have been allowed to dry.
Next is correct application equipment.  We constantly hear from customers who purchased and used a great product but they cannot get their flea population under control.  This problem is usually traced back to how the materials were sprayed on the lawn or ground.  When someone insists on using a pump type garden sprayer (such as the one used for indoor pest control) they consistently fail to kill and control their targeted pests.  When treating outdoors for fleas, ticks or ants always use a hose-end sprayer.  By applying your insecticide with a hose end sprayer, the job goes faster and you are applying the volume of product needed for the job.  An average sized back yard being between 4,000 and 6,000 square feet will need 15 to 20 gallons of insecticide solution.  You cannot properly apply this volume of product with a hand held pump sprayer.

Outdoor Flea Kit

Our outdoor flea kit contains both insecticide and IGR for spraying outdoors.  For indoor problems, use the Indoor Flea Kit. The outdoor flea kit has a hose end sprayer for application.
Insecticide used in this kit is Permethrin SFR.  The 32 ounce container will cover almost 1 acre of ground.  For severe infestations, use 1 1/2 ounces of concentrate per 1,000 square feet of area to be sprayed.  For most jobs, 1 ounce of concentrate per 1,000 square feet will work.  The kit also ships with a 4 ounce bottle of Nylar IGR that will cover about 4,000 square feet of area.  Combine Permethrin Pro and Nylar to spray areas of heaviest infestation.  Repeat your Permethrin Pro application in 14 day intervals, as needed.  Two applications are normally needed for the average flea problem.

Each item in the kit can be purchased individually, but you do save money any time you purchase supplies in pest control kits.  If you have a large area to cover, you might need to purchase NyGuard IGR, which yields far more than the 4 ounce IG Regulator.  Permethrin SFR is also available in 1.25 gallon containers of concentrated Permethrin insecticide, for large jobs.
Kit contains Permethrin SFR Qt., 4 Oz. IGR, 20 gallon hose end sprayer

Order Outdoor Flea Kit 

Indoor and Outdoor Flea Kit Combo

Order NyGuard IGR   Order Permethrin SFR Qt.    Order Hose End Sprayer

Order 1.25 Gallon Permethrin SFR

Wasp and Hornet Kit

This kit contains a Crusader Duster, 1 pound of Delta Dust and 2 Wasp Freeze.
If you need an insecticide concentrate (for drenching underground nests or for spraying paper wasp nests under eaves) simply add it on while in our on-line order form.  Cyper WP, Temprid SC, Cyzmic CS all work well for this job.

Refer to the wasp and hornet elimination article for tips on how to take care of nuisance or dangerous wasp nests, hornet nests before ordering your Wasp and Hornet Kit.

Spider Elimination    Spiders  D-Fense SC  Suspend SC   Delta Dust 

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