Rat A-Way Rodent Repellent

Last updatedLast updated: July 12, 2022
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Rat A-Way has been discontinued by manufacturer


Rats! Rat Scat Repellent Rat A-Way

Unique to the world– Mice/Rat Repellent. Lasts 2-3 months. Rat A-Way (Rat Scat)  is the worlds only EPA registered granular Mice/Rat REPELLENT. There are baits, killers, traps and glue boards but not repellents. Knowing rodents are carriers of disease, why battle the problem inside? Accidental poisonings, physical removal and decay problems are eliminated. Why risk poisoning children or removing dead rodents when Rat A-Way keep the area rodent free for 2-3 months?

Rat A-Way is the world’s only EPA registered granular, patented, university tested MICE & RAT REPELLENT. Rat A-Way is not a bait, killer or glue- board. Physical removal of rodents and decay problems are eliminated. Our repellent eliminates the need for other rodent control products. A perimeter broadcast keeps rodents away for 2-3 months and is not destroyed by rain. Rat A-Way is a dry granule which is safe around children and pets when used as directed, and its another “ONE OF A KIND REPELLENT” exclusively from Dr. T’s Nature Products.


Excerpts from the University of Alabama Testing

The continuing use of chemicals and poisons to control a variety of pest has caused many problems. The use of these pesticides can be harmful to the environment. Often resulting in their being present in our lakes, rivers, in our milk, and the foods we eat. The use of rodent poisons is especially risky in areas such as barns and poultry houses. Humans, pets and domestic animals can come into contact with these substances. It is imperative that alternative methods of rodent control in these areas be found.

Rat A-Way will discourage rodents from entering a treated area or building but will not be poisonous to humans or animals, because its active ingredients, naphthalene and sulfur, will discourage ingestion of the product since most rodents have a highly developed sense of smell. The vapors produced by this product are said to repel rodents by irritating their olfactory senses. This study evaluates the usefulness of this product in controlling a variety of rodents with results from field tests in and around rodent infested buildings.

Rat A-Way was tested against the three most common rodent pests of human structures:

1. House mouse
2. Black Rat
3. Norway Rat

The following tests were run:

1. The feeding station test– This was a general test to determine the effectiveness of Rat A-Way on rodent food consumption and occurrence.
2. Garbage bag test–This was a test to determine the effects of Rat A-Way on rodent activity around garbage areas and the extent of damage to garbage bags in these areas.
3. Building test– This was a test to determine the effects of Rat A-Way on rodents attempting to enter a treated building.


The data from the various tests clearly show that Rat A-Way rodent repellent is effective in reducing the number of rodents entering a treated area. Further, observation data suggests that Rat A-Way is effective against all three of the common rodents found in and around man-made structures. Specifically, the results indicate Rat A-Way is effective in reducing the number of rodents invading treated buildings and garbage areas by 72 to 90%.

These results suggest that Rat A-Way would be very useful in treating outdoor garbage areas, poultry houses, grain and feed storage warehouses, and barns. The use of a rodent repellent in these areas will greatly reduce the risk of accidental poisonings of animals or humans that is associated with using rodent poisons. A repellent such as Rat A-Way is an environmentally preferable alternative to these poisons.

Ordering Information

Each 4 pound container of Rat Scat rodent repellent is $15.50, plus S&H.

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