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Professional Pest Control Products Return Policy

The following is the general return policy of Professional Pest Control Products.  There are different reasons as to why customers would like to return products purchased from our web site.  Occasionally customers simply change their mind and wish to return purchased products.  This is covered in Simple Returns section of policy and applies to situations where the correct products were shipped.
If we (Professional Pest Control Products) ship the wrong products, see Wrong Products Shipped section of policy.
If, during shipment, products are damaged you need to go to Products Damaged in Shipment section.  Certain items such as Bird-X electronic devices, pesticide sprayers, dusters and live animal traps are covered in the Defective Equipment section of our return policy.

Our goal is to supply our customers with the best possible products for safe, effective control of nuisance or unwanted animals, insects or other pests and to satisfy our customers' needs most rational way possible.

Wrong Product Shipped     Products Damaged in Shipment
Simple Returns    Defective Equipment  

Simple Returns
Sometimes customers change their mind after ordering 
products.  If Professional Pest Control Products has shipped 
the product or products that you ordered and you have not 
opened its original container you may send it back for a 
PRODUCT PRICE REFUND.  We will not refund shipping costs 
and you must pay shipping when you return the product or 
*REFUSED DELIVERY:* Customers will be responsible for all charges associated
with shipping and handling when or if packages shipped are returned to our warehouse due to "customer refused delivery."  Once the merchandise is returned to our warehouse, a credit memo will be issued to our accounting department to issue a credit for the original purchase price less the shipping and handling charge.  If you decide to refuse delivery, please contact Professional Pest Control Products.  If we know of the non-delivery due to refusal, credit for product will most likely be expedited in a more timely manner.

We cannot accept returns sent C.O.D. Customer is responsible 
for safe return of products.
To receive PRODUCT PRICE REFUND, products must be 
returned within time frame outlined on this page. Items can 
be returned if they are unused, original container is unopened 
and items are in condition for resell. We cannot resell 
products that have been opened, have had labels removed or 
other wise altered, used or damaged.

Only products returned within 30 days of original ship date will 
be eligible for PRODUCT PRICE REFUND. After 30 days, a 15% 
re-stocking fee will be applied. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR 

Products Damaged in Shipment
If products are damaged during shipment, please notify us 
immediately. Do not accept packages that are obviously 
damaged by shipper. If package does not look to be in good 
condition, you have the right to either refuse package or write 
"Damaged" with your signature. Notify us immediately so 
that we can take care of your order.

Wrong Product Shipped
If the product you receive is not the same product showing on 
your order form, you can return product for full refund or 
replacement with correct product ordered if done so 
immediately. Notify us within 48 hours if you do not have the 
product you ordered. Contact us within said time frame for 
Return Authorization.

Defective Equipment
Professional Pest Control Products is not responsible for 
claims made by manufacturers of different products. Most 
manufacturers have warranties against manufacturing defects; 
some have guarantees for their products. If you have pest 
control equipment that is defective or which does work, 
contact the manufacturer. If you are not able to contact the 
manufacturer, we will try to find contact information for you. 
In the end, manufacturers are responsible for their own claims 
and we will do our best to satisfy you, our customer.

Wrong Product Shipped     Products Damaged in Shipment
Simple Returns    Defective Equipment  Pest Control Information
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