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Rodent Traps

There is a variety of devices to choose from when trapping rats or mice.  The two main groups of rat and mouse traps are live traps and kill trapsRodenticides are also used to kill rats and to kill mice.

Live Traps

Any trapping device that captures rodents without killing them is considered a live trap.  However, any trapped animal can die in a trap if it is not released in a timely manner.  The Mouse Master is a live trap that usually does not harm mice but occasionally a mouse will be killed if it is caught in the trap mechanism.  This is usually due to someone winding the trap too tight.  Other than the two circumstances mentioned, live traps are generally considered humane traps.
Live Rodent Traps: Mouse Master, Tin Cat, Safeguard Rat & Squirrel Trap, Multi-Catch Mouse Trap.

Mouse Master, Live Trap for Mice

This repeating mouse trap has a clear lid for easy inspection and a wind-up mechanism which flips the mice into an escape proof box.  An important tool in mouse control for many years, the Mouse Master and Catch All repeating wind-up traps can hold many mice with one setting.  The mice can be released safely in the wild or disposed of by immersing in water before emptying the trap.  Follow instructions carefully.  Over-winding of trap can damage trap and might kill the first mouse to enter trap.

Order Wind-Up Mouse Trap

Tin Cat Mouse Trap

This low profile (10 1/2" long x 6 1/2" wide  x 2 1/2" high) trap is placed lengthwise against walls where mice frequent.  Large entrance holes allow mice to enter but keeps them from escaping.  Can be combined with mouse glue traps, when glue traps are necessary and need protection from children or pets.  The Tin Cat requires no winding and no baits, features a see-through lid for easy inspection, and is a favorite for homeowners, food plants, grocery stores and warehouses.  Will hold up to 30 mice.

Order Tin Cat Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

Kill Traps

Electronic rodent traps, snap traps and glue traps are all considered devices used to kill rats or kill mice, rather than live-trapping the animals.  Knowing where to find the carcass and the lack of rat poisons available to non-target animals are the biggest advantages to using rodent traps of this type.

Rat Trapper 2000 Rat and Mouse Trap

The Rat Zapper 2000 uses a unique design to quickly kill shrews, rats and mice that enter the trap.  Operating on 4 AA alkaline batteries, this trap is a great alternative to rodent baits that might be ingested by pets, children or non-target animals.

Rat Zapper Details

Snap Traps

There are 3 different rodent snap traps to choose from:  T-Rex Rat Snap Trap, standard rat snap trap and standard mouse snap trap.  The Rat Zapper 2000 will kill rats and mice.  For helpful tips on how to bait standard snap traps, go to our rodent baiting tips article.

T-Rex Rat Trap

The Trapper T-Rex is the newest snap trap from Bell Labs, makers of many professional rodent control products.  This trap is easier to set than conventional rat snap traps and gives you a more reliable rat kill.
Features include a sensitive trigger and superior trap velocity with unique interlocking  teeth that makes it far more difficult for a rat to escape.

T-Rex Rat Trap Details

Order T-Rex Rat Trap

Standard Rat Snap Trap

Same as mouse trap, but large enough to kill rats. Always use snap traps in sets of two or three per placement.  This will insure that the rat hits the "business end" of one of your traps.  If a rat hits the wrong end of your snap trap (setting off the mechanism without harming the rodent) you will be left with an empty trap and a wiser rodent who will probably become "trap shy."

Order Rat Snap Trap

Order Case of Rat Snap Traps

Standard Mouse Snap Trap

We carry only the expanded trigger, professional model snap trap.  The expanded trigger not only gives better sensitivity for those "picky eaters," it allows you a greater range of baits.  More surface area means you now have the ability to "smear" baits (such as peanut butter or chocolate) in thin layers for more positive catches.  With the expanded trigger, it is not always necessary to bait the trap.  Traps placed across runways are tripped simply when the rodents walk across the pedals.  But to save time, use bait!  Expanded trigger snap traps are also used to kill indoor shrews

Order Mouse Snap Trap

Order Case of Mouse Snap Traps

Glue Traps

In many circumstances, glue traps (or glue boards, as they are called in the pest control industry) are employed in rodent elimination and maintenance.  In areas where food is commercially prepared, the use of rodenticides is unsafe and against federal law.  Glue traps are safe to use in homes, apartments, restaurants, hospitals, pet shops, day care centers, nursing homes and food preparation areas.  Many pest control operators prefer using glue traps in conjunction with their rodenticide program.  This captures many of the rodent pests before they die, giving a better chance of finding more carcasses before they begin to decompose and create odors.   Place traps in path of rodents, intercepting them between their nesting site and food source.

Mouse Glue Boards:  To use, simply peel paper from trap to expose glue, then place trap in areas frequented by mice, lizards, or any small pests you wish to capture.  To keep pets and children from tampering with your glue trap, place the trap in a Protecta bait station or a Tin Cat mouse trap.  Both of these devices will keep your trap out of sight and out of reach of children, pets, non target animals.

Order Mouse Glue Boards

Rat Glue Trays:   Non-poisonous traps for capturing rats, mice and reptiles.   Simply place glue boards in areas where pests are known to frequent.  The use of glue traps enables you to control pests without toxic baits and poisons that can harm pets and children.  Each pack contains 2 glue trays.

Order Packs of Rat Glue Trays

Order Case of 48 Rat Glue Trays


MaxCatch:   (Catchmaster 24GRB)  This giant (18" x 10 1/2") rat glue board is excellent for capturing rats, mice, snakes and other reptiles.  The flexible form of the MaxCatch Glue Trap makes it ideal for situations requiring an irregular shaped glue board.  Can be folded and can also be cut to fit difficult areas.  Used by professionals for those hard to capture rats that are strong enough to get off of conventional rat glue traps.  Can also be used to catch multiple mice in areas of high mouse infestation.

Order Individual Maxcatch Giant Glue Boards

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