Saga WP (Summer 2022)

Last updatedLast updated: July 13, 2022
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Saga WP

Wettable Powder Insecticide Concentrate

Saga WP is a discontinued item that is no longer being produced.  In most cases you are allowed to use any existing stock you may have but check on the registration of the product in your state before using in commercial applications.

Insecticide Alternatives for Saga WP

There are four general characteristics of Saga that made it desirable to customers:

All of the Saga WP alternative products mentioned here are considered odorless or (in the case of Permethrin) very low in odor.

If you need a wettable powder to replace Saga WP in your pest management program, Demon WPCynoff WP and Tempo WP are good alternatives.  All have a general purpose label; Tempo WP is the only one of the three that has a restaurant and commercial food handling label.  None of these wettable powder insecticides have a broadcast label.  Demon, Cynoff and Tempo are all odorless insecticide concentrate pest control products.

If you need a pesticide that has a good indoor broadcast label for flea, carpet beetle, tick and other such infestations, choose between Suspend SC and Dragnet (the latter often referred to as professional strength Permethrin.)  Suspend is an odorless, microencapsulated concentrate; Permethrin is a very low odor emulsifiable concentrate.  Suspend SC is the most popular of the two when dealing with mostly indoor pest problems such as ticks, spiders, etc.  Permethrin is the product of choice when dealing with indoor/ outdoor problems.  Suspend has a restaurant label but Permethrin does not.

Pest control in restaurants and other commercial food handling areas requires a product that is specifically labeled for such uses.  The following products are professional concentrates that have such a label: Tempo WPTempo SC and Suspend SC.  All three of these alternatives are odorless but only Suspend SC has an indoor broadcast label.

Saga WP is an odorless wettable powder concentrate insecticide used for general purpose pest control.  Each jar of Saga will make 20 to 40 gallons of solution.  Only .1 to .2 ounces of concentrate are needed per gallon of water, when mixing spray.  Active ingredients: 40.0% Tralomethrin.

Targeted pests: antscentipedesclothes mothscockroachescricketsearwigsfliesfirebratsgnatsmidgesfleasmillipedesmosquitoessilverfishspidersbeescarpet beetleshornets, killer bees, pillbugsscorpionssowbugsticksyellow jacketswaspsfire antscarpenter antspantry pestsstored product pests.

Each jar of Saga WP is $69.50, plus S&H.

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