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Shipping Pest Control Supplies

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Definitions of Shipping Options Sales Tax International Orders APO Orders
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Professional Pest Control Products ships orders via Postal Service and UPS ground services inside of the continental United States; we do not ship outside the continental United States.  We do not ship every pesticide to all states.  When placing your order, check the "cannot be shipped to" list at end of each article description.
Read "No Pesticides" article for more detailed information.

Extra large items (large live animal traps, termite and lawn spray rigs) must be shipped via freight lines.  Before a S&H quote can be given on extra large orders, e-mail the number of items desired and exact address where package is to be delivered.  (Always designate whether the items are to be delivered to a residential or business address, with the exact name of the business included.  Freight line charges to a residential address are higher than commercial addresses.)  Once the shipping charge has been calculated, the information will be sent to you by e-mail reply.

When placing your order you will be given four options for shipping your pest control supplies: Ground Delivery, 3 Day Delivery, 2nd Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery.

  1. Ground - This is the default method of shipping; choose from 3 to 6 days and 5 to 10 days.  If you choose a special delivery (3 Day, 2nd Day, Next Day) there is an extra charge added to your order.  All orders containing any type of aerosol will be shipped by ground service only - with no exceptions!  If your order contains an aerosol it will be shipped via ground service, even if you choose a special delivery option.
    We can only ship to a physical street address for certain products or package sizes.
    We try to process all orders that are placed by noon of any given business day.  If you want to check the status of an order placed close to Noon, call our toll-free number for verification.
    A "business day" does not include holidays, Saturday or Sunday.  (If you place an order on Friday afternoon, your order may not ship until the following Monday.)
    Shipping times will vary, according to your location.  (There is no guarantee for specific time of day that packages will be delivered.)  Packages sent to the west coast of the United States generally take about 5 business days for delivery.  Allow 2 to 4 business days for other areas of the United States.  If you need your products delivered sooner, you must choose one of the special delivery options: 3 Day, 2nd Day, Next Day.
    The S&H cost for ground delivery is calculated by weight of package and dimensional weight.  Packages with larger than normal dimensions or shapes might have a slightly higher charge.
  2. 3 Day  - Many people confuse this method with 2nd Day delivery.
    Examples: An order that ships out of our warehouse (via 3 Day) on Monday will be delivered on the following Thursday.  An order that ships out of our warehouse on Friday will be delivered on the following Wednesday.  As shown by the two examples, the day shipped and weekends are not counted in the 3 day delivery time.  (There is no guarantee for specific time of day that packages will be delivered.)  If you need your package delivered sooner, choose 2nd Day or Next Day options.
    We try to process all orders that are placed by noon of any given business day.  Orders placed after noon (Central Time) will probably ship the following business day.
      Aerosols will not be shipped via 3 Day service.
  3. 2nd Day - This shipping option takes 2 business days for delivery.  (There is no guarantee for specific time of day that packages will be delivered.)
    Examples:  An order that ships out of our warehouse (via 2nd Day) on Monday is delivered to you on the following Wednesday.  An order that ships out of our warehouse on Thursday will be delivered the following Monday.  (Do not count day shipped, Saturday or Sunday in the calculation of delivery time.)
    We try to process all orders that are placed by noon of any given business day.  Orders placed after noon (Central Time) will probably ship the following business day.
      Aerosols will not be shipped via 2nd Day service.
  4. Next Day - This method of delivery will have your package delivered by end of following business day.  (There is no guarantee for specific time of day that packages will be delivered.)
    Examples: An order that is shipped from our warehouse on Monday (via Next Day service) will be delivered on the following Tuesday.  An order that ships out on Friday will be delivered on the following Monday.  (Do not count day shipped, Saturday or Sunday in the calculation of delivery time.)  We do not offer Next Day Air Saturday Delivery Service.  We only offer next business day service.
    We try to process all orders that are placed by noon of any given business day.  Orders placed after noon (Central Time) will probably ship the following business day.
    Aerosols will not be shipped via Next Day service, 2nd Day or 3 Day Select.

Sales Tax    Florida customers will be charged sales tax.

International Orders - Professional Pest Control Products does not ship insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, traps or other pest control items to addresses outside of the continental United States.  We will ship to the exporter of your choice, provided that the exporter is located within the continental United States.
Wire transfers and COD are not acceptable methods of payment - no exceptions.

APO Orders

We try as hard as possible to help our patriots serving in the military and (if possible) will fill certain orders that are to be shipped to an APO.  However, there are certain products that we do not ship or that cannot be shipped via postal service.  If you need products shipped to an APO, submit your order through the secure shopping cart.  We will process and ship the order if possible.  If the order cannot be processed, we will contact you through the e-mail address given on the order form.

Ordering Tips - Before submitting your order, double-check all items ordered, credit card billing information and shipping information; include apartment or suite number if this applies to your address.
If you need a quick delivery, choose 3 Day, 2nd Day or Next Day delivery options.
Make sure that you correctly enter your credit card numbers.  Remember to enter the correct CVV2 code.  (Making a typo in these areas are the #1 cause of orders not being processed in a timely manner.)
If you are not sure that an adult will be present to sign for your order, type "No signature required" in the Comments section at bottom of order form.  Do this only if you are prepared to accept responsibility of any items stolen or vandalized after package has been delivered.

Where is my order? - Once your order has been placed, you will get a confirmation that your order was successfully submitted.
 If your order cannot be tracked, it could mean that the order has not been shipped.  This could be due to a back-order of product, which will sometimes delay shipment of product or a problem with certain products not being available for certain areas of the country.  Holidays may sometimes affect the delivery time of your pest control supply order.
There are other reasons for an order not being processed:

  • Credit card denied.  In most credit card problems, the customer entered a wrong digit, incorrect expiration date or the card has yet to be activated.
  • Incorrect billing address for credit card.
  • Incorrect or missing CVV2 number.  For Visa, MasterCard and Discover, the CVV2 code is usually 3 digits which appear on the far right of the
    signature strip.  For American Express, the code is a 4 digit number on the front of the credit card.  If you cannot find this code, contact your credit card company before placing your order.  The CVV2 (Card Verification Value 2) code was implemented for your protection!
  • If the product has a high monetary value, your credit card company will often red flag the order while waiting for your verbal approval.
  • If an order containing an aerosol is submitted with a special delivery option selected, the order is not shipped.
  • Not every product can be shipped to every state.  On the item description web page or on the shopping cart item page, there is a "Cannot be shipped to" list, showing where the individual item cannot be shipped.  If (for example) someone in New York orders a Cypermethrin product, the order will not be shipped.
  • Many packages are lost or returned to us because the customer did not give their complete address.  Make sure that you include apartment number, suite or other particulars about your address so that you can receive your order in a timely manner.
  • If the delivery driver designated for your area feels comfortable with the neighborhood, the driver will often leave the package on front porch or behind shrub close to front door.
  • Neighbors, friends or family members often sign for packages that do not belong to them - and then forget to tell anyone about the package.

In many of the cases mentioned above, we try to contact the customer.  This is why it is so important for you to include your daytime phone number, in case there is a problem and you need to be contacted.  (We do not sell, lease, rent or give away any of your personal information to any outside parties.  We hate junk mail, junk e-mail and telephone solicitations and assume that you do too!  See Privacy Statement for Professional Pest Control Products.)
If contact is not made, we put the order on hold until the customer contacts us.  When corresponding with Professional Pest Control Products concerning an order, have the following ready:

  • The exact name to whom the product was to be shipped; if shipped to a business address, we will need the business name.
  • Your order number.
  • The e-mail address used when placing an order on-line.
    If there is a problem with your order, contact us at 800-434-4555.  Call between 8:30 and 4:30, Central Time.  You may also e-mail your query.

If you have questions about shipping, email us.Email Us! - PEST CONTROL SUPPLIES

We do not use e-mail addresses nor do we give out, rent or lease any information about our customers or site visitors.
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