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Professional Pest Control Products Site Map is divided into three basic segments:

  1. Pest Control Products - This section of the site map will help you find all pest control products, their description and ordering information.
    List of professional pest control supplies, alphabetical order, also available.

  2. Pests - Household pests include Vertebrates and   Invertebrates.  This is where you will find animals, insects, arachnids - any animal that is or can be considered a pest.

  3. Pest Control Topics - This section of the site map lists articles on various topics that deal with control of different pests, identification, control.


Insecticides       Rodent Control    Herbicides  Bird Control

Repellents    Pet Supplies  Fungicides    Equipment    Electronic Pest Control Devices    Wildlife  Head Lice Treatment  



Concentrates    Aerosols   Dusts    Granules    IGR    Roach Baits    Ant Baits

BT Products   Fogging   Pest Control Kits 

ConcentratesInsecticides in concentrated formulations.  These concentrates are mixed with water to create what is called a solution - the final product that is used as a pest control bug spray.  Concentrated insecticides are always better than over the counter "read to use" or RTU spray products.  In most cases, the pesticide concentrates listed here are better than over the counter concentrated products.  Professional products are special formulations that are usually higher concentrations of superior active ingredients.  In other words, you get more for your money.  Wettable powder and microencapsulated insecticides will give you residual action that last much longer than non professional products.  This means less product is needed for each job and you do not have to spray as often.  Professional insecticide, pesticide concentrates are usually odorless or very low in odor.
Click on any pesticide insecticide product name to see important label information, pests targeted and suggested uses.  If you are not sure how to choose a product for your home or business, go to the home pest control page or choose your targeted pest from the list of household pests page.

Insecticide Concentrates 

Insecticides    Top of Page

Fogging - Liquids that can be used in fogging equipment, including concentrates and ready to use formulations.

Dusts    Dry insecticide formulations, most of which are designed for crack and crevice pest control work and in wall voids, crawl spaces, attics.

Insecticides    Top of Page

Granules   Dry, outdoor granular insecticides that are broadcast on lawns and other exterior areas where ants, fleas, ticks and other bugs need to be controlled.

Insecticides    Top of Page  

IGR    Insect Growth Regulators 

BT Products (Bacillus thuringiensis)

Insecticides    Top of Page 

Rodent Control

Rodenticides    Traps    Rodent control equipment    Repellents

Rodenticides -  Baits to use when controlling rats,  mice, moles in residential and commercial settings.  Forms available are bait blocks and packs of rodent killing pellets.

Rodent Control    Top of Page 

Rodent Traps    Equipment for trapping rodents is separated into two categories: live traps and kill traps or lethal rodent traps.  Traps can also be distinguished between mouse traps, rat traps and a few (Rat Zapper, Large and Giant Glue Traps, T-Rex) that can be used for both mice and rats.  Live rodent traps are usually designed for rats or mice specifically.  A live rodent trap that is designed for capturing rats usually has openings that are too small to contain mice.  Live rodent traps used to catch mice are too large for an adult Roof Rat or Norway Rat to enter.  Most live traps are also considered to be humane rodent traps.  The Mouse Master is listed as a live mouse trap (multiple catch mouse trap) but care must be taken when using it for the purpose of non-lethal trapping.  Over winding of any wind up trap for mice often results in the mice being killed by the special mechanism.

Live Traps

Lethal Traps

Rodent Control    Top of Page 

Rodent Control Equipment    

Rodent Control    Top of Page 


Rodent Control    Top of Page 


Selective    Non Selective    Pre-Emergent   Herbicides    Surfactant    Index 


Herbicides    Top of Page  

Non Selective    

Herbicides    Top of Page



Herbicides    Top of Page


For Skin, Clothing    Lawns, Playgrounds, Around Homes     Animal Repellents

Protect Skin and Clothing -  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests using DEET to repel mosquitoes.  Of the various personal mosquito and flying insect repellents listed here, some do contain DEET or combinations of DEET with other repellents.  Other personal mosquito protection products contain cedar oils.  The two major brands of mosquito, gnat and biting fly repellers are Liquid NetCedarCide and Sawyer Insect Repellents.  In the Sawyer repellent line there are mosquito repellers, biting fly repellents and also a repellent for spraying on clothing that targets ticks.

Sawyer Insect Repellents

CedarCideAll CedarCide products contain cedar oils that repel certain insects.  For a list of all Cedarcide products, go to the CedarCide article.

Protect Lawns, Playgrounds, Around Homes - Insect repellents in this section are designed to repel certain insects from areas frequented by people and pets.  Granular insect repellents and liquid insect repellents are both shown.


Granular    Concentrates   



Fungicides    Top of Page 


Dusters    Foamer   Foggers      Safety    Sprayers    Lighted Fly Traps    Granule Spreaders 

Granule Spreaders - In pest control for homes, lawn or garden, granule spreaders allow accurate application of insecticide granules, granulated fungicides and soil amendments such as dolomitic lime and fertilizers.

DustersAll pest control equipment listed here is for applying dusts (especially insecticide dusts) to certain areas.  Hand bellows dusters are usually used for applying dust to cracks and crevices, in holes where bees, carpenter bees, yellowjackets are known to hide or nest and other such places in and around homes.  Electric dusters can be used for applying insecticides in dust formulations inside of wall voids, in attics or crawl spaces or other locations where insecticide dusts need to be applied in large areas or where it is necessary to project dust further than non-electrical type dusters.  Crank type dusters can be used in the same areas where electric dusters are used, for smaller jobs and pest control applications; also used in garden pest control.

Foamer - Pest control services often use a foamer when they need for a liquid (especially liquid insecticide) solution to spread evenly in hidden areas such as wall voids.  Uses include applying termiticides and insecticides.  Combine your pesticide insecticide with a foaming material to produce a professional foam solution.

Foggers - The foggers listed have different power sources and can also be used in different areas.  Professionals prefer to use a sturdy, dependable fogger such as any of the B&G electrical foggers.  Those who want to control mosquitoes or other flying insects in their lawn or landscaping need either a professional electric fogger or a propane powered insect fogger.  Thermal foggers are very popular with bee keepers.   Choose the fogger that is best suited for the pest control job you have in mind.  Thermal foggers are generally used outdoors only; cold foggers can be used indoors and outdoors.

Cold Foggers

Thermal Foggers

SafetyMiscellaneous equipment used in pest control.

Sprayers - One of the most important pieces of equipment used in pest control is the pump type or pressure sprayer.  Used by pest control service and do it yourself pest control, the sprayer allows for ease of application and accuracy.  B&G Sprayers and replacement parts (such as the PV266 Check Valve) are featured here.  Sprayers listed here are pump type as well as hose end sprayers - both dial and without dials.  Many pest control kits contain a sprayer for pest control.

Lighted Fly Traps - Pest control for flies is a major concern for home owners, business professionals and pest control service technicians.  Ultraviolet light bulbs emitting UV rays are a powerful tool to use in fly pest control, especially in sensitive areas where sprays cannot be used.  Hospitals, schools, restaurants, commercial food processing plants, casinos as well as homes can benefit from ultraviolet fly traps.  There are two basic types of fly traps that utilize UV light bulbs:
Ultraviolet Fly Traps and Ultraviolet Fly Zappers.  

Ultraviolet Fly Traps with pheromones and capture pads

Ultraviolet Fly Zappers

Pest Control Equipment    Top of Page

Electronic Pest Control Devices

Bird-X    Fly Traps    Foggers    Duster    

Bird-X     Sonic repellers are electronic bird control, animal control devices designed to emit sounds that confuse and scare nuisance animals or pest birds.  Sonic units are used to protect large buildings, airports, court houses, apartment buildings and homes.  Sounds emitted range from predator sounds to scare birds or animals to distress sounds that confuse flocks of birds or small groups of birds that are considered to be pests of structures or operation of facilities.  Ultrasonic repellers are electronic pest control devices designed to emit sounds that are above human hearing yet can be quite disturbing to animals, wildlife.  The Broad Band electronic pest control device uses sonic waves (that are audible) and ultrasonic waves (those above human hearing) to confuse, distress and scare nuisance wildlife.  Professional electronic pest control devices are humane pest management tools that are safe to the environment.

Sonic    Ultrasonic    



Wildlife Control Products

Bird X Products    Humane Live Animal Traps    Visual Scare Devices    
Audible Scare Devices    Taste and Smell Deterrents    Barriers        

Humane Live Animal Traps    Animal trapping is safe and humane when professional traps designed for the targeted animals are used.  Choose the correct size for the animal that needs to be trapped and relocated.  Click on any humane live traps listed for dimensions of the trap, suggested uses and how to order humane live trap for animal trapping.

Visual Scare Devices    Bird control and wildlife control products that do not harm nuisance wildlife.  These wildlife control products are designed to scare animals or birds that have become pests of gardens, homes, buildings, ponds.  For stubborn animal problems, combine two or more scare devices or combine different types of animal control products.  A visual scare device combined with the use of electronic pest devices produces an environment that makes unwanted animals or birds feel unwelcome in areas that you designate.  Can also be used in combination with other scare tactics such as predator smells.

Audible Scare Devices    

Taste and Smell Deterrents    Many natural pest control solutions are manufactured by Bird-X and Dr. T's Nature Products, leaders in research and development of environmentally sound pest control solutions, insect repellents, animal repellers.

Barriers, Roost Inhibitors   

Wildlife Control Products    Top of Page  

Pet Supplies

Animal and Bird Cages    Advantage    Frontline    

Shampoos    Fleas, Ticks    Glucosamine

Animal and Bird Cages    Safeguard Bird and Animal Cages 


Fleas, Ticks      


Pet Supplies    Top of Page 

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