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Spider Control Article    Spiders    Black Widow    Brown Recluse

Choose from one of the following insecticide concentrates to use as a spider spray.  Products also control other household pests, insects, bugs.

D-Fense SC or Suspend SC (a.i. Deltamethrin 4.75 %): Odorless synthetic pyrethroid which lasts two times longer than ordinary liquid concentrates while leaving no visible residue.  Primarily used for bi-monthly and quarterly pest control in schools, homes, day care centers and other businesses.
D-Fense SC is new generic version of Suspend SC.  Same active ingredient, same strength.  D-Fense costs less.
Labeled for Asian Roaches, cockroaches, ants, crickets, silverfish, firebrats, centipedes, millipedes, clothes moths, earwigs, pillbugs, sow bugs, scorpions, spiders, lesser grain borers, grain weevils, flour beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, cigarette beetles, merchant grain beetles, angoumois grain moths, Mediterranean flour moth, Indian meal moth, grain mites (pantry pests), bedbugs, lice, flies, midges, gnats, fleas, carpet beetles, ticks, termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and pantry pests.

D-Fense SC Information        Suspend SC Information

Cyper WP is an insecticide concentrate in wettable powder form.  This insecticide contains 40.00% Cypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid pesticide.  Wettable powder concentrates give an average 90 day residual. A one pound jar will make up to 48 gallons of insecticide spray.  The Number One Choice of pest control operators, apartment managers and others for quarterly and yearly pest control applications. 
Demon WP and Cyper WP both contain 40% Cypermethrin. 

Cypermethrin (the active ingredient in Cyper WP, Cynoff WP, Cynoff EC, Demon EC, Demon WP, CB-AirDevil) gives excellent control for ants, carpenter ants, boxelders (boxelder bugs,) spiders, scorpions, German cockroaches, roaches, silverfish, carpenter bees and other household pests.

Each one pound jar of Cyper WP is shipped with a measuring scoop.  For most pest control jobs, use 1 scoop per gallon of water.  Stubborn or severe problems will often call for using 2 scoops of the insecticide concentrate per gallon of water.

Order Cyper WP

Demon WP (a.i. Cypermethrin  40%):  A crack and crevice and/or spot treatment for residual and contact control of ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, scorpions and certain other insects.  Available in pre-measured water soluble packets and 1 LB bulk jars.  Similar to Cyper WP.
Active ingredient (Cypermethrin) also available in emulsifiable concentrate formulation (Demon EC, Cynoff EC) that leaves no visible residue, giving a 30 day residual indoors against household pests.

Demon WP Pack: Each foil envelope contains four water soluble packets and makes up to four gallons of odorless solution.
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Demon WP 1 Lb.:  Each jar contains one pound of Demon wettable powder makes up to 48 gallons of odorless solution.
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Disclaimer   Spider Control Article    Spiders    Black Widow    Brown Recluse

Insecticides to Use for Spider Spray