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Boric Acid, Borate Wood Treatment

Timbor Application, Pricing Powderpost
Bora-Care Borates

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Timbor is a water soluble borate powder that diffuses into wood and acts as a wood insecticide, fungicide and preservative.  This borate powder can be used as a solution (mix with water and spray on wood) and can also be used in its original dry formulation for treating attics, crawl spaces and wall voids.  If long-term borate wood protection in new construction is desired, use Bora-Care insecticide concentrate.  Bora-Care is now labeled for pre-treatment of wood in new homes.  Timbor can be used in existing structures.

Timbor is a dry product that can be mixed with water to create a liquid borate wood spray or can be used in its original, dry form to dust wall voids and attics.  When mixing for wood beetle or termite spray, use one pound of Timbor per gallon of water.  This gallon of mixed borate solution will cover 200 square feet of wood.  When using Timbor as a dry insecticide dust it can be applied to small cracks and crevices, between and beneath strips of insulation with a Crusader Duster.  When broadcasting larger volume of product use either a crank duster or electric duster for best coverage and ease of application.

Tim-bor may be used as a solution, powder or foam. Two applications of 10% solution or one application of 15% solution can be typically be applied to wood surfaces by brush or spray.
Mix one pound of Timbor per gallon of water to make 10% solution. To make a 15% solution, mix 1.5 pounds of Timbor per gallon of water.
Application of the solution may also be made by drilling and then injecting under pressure into sound wood or the galleries of infested wood. As a foam, Tim-bor may be applied directly to wood surfaces or injected into insect galleries, or wall voids.

Timbor is available in two sizes: a 25 pound pail and 1.5 pound bag.  For small jobs, 1 or more bags are all that is needed.  For larger jobs, the pail is better.  Timbor is not as desirable a product as Boracare when treating furniture.  Since most furniture has a sealed outer surface, your borate insecticide application is usually made on the unfinished parts of the furniture (bottoms and inside).  Boracare will readily penetrate through the wood, more than Timbor.  Boracare will also dry clear when applied correctly; Timbor can leave visible residue on treated surfaces.

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Timbor borate insecticide is labeled for treating wood against infestations of termitespowder post beetleswood decay fungicarpenter ants, Drywood termites, old house borers and other wood destroying beetles, wood destroying organisms.

Targeted Decay Fungi: white rot, brown rot (i.e. Poria) and wet rots.

Use 1.5 pound of Timbor per gallon of water to make an insecticide/ fungicide solution that treats 200 square feet of wood surface.  Available in 1.5 pound containers and in economical 25 pound drums.

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