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Live Trap Cover

The Safeguard live trap cover (model # 53215) is designed to protect captured animals from elements and conditions around the trap and to help protect you from captured wildlife such as skunks.  Cover can be used with both Cat Trap and Raccoon Trap, is collapsible for easy storage and (because of its non-absorbent material) is easily kept clean and free of odors.

Skunk Trap Cover

There are many reasons for using a trap cover but covers are most often used when trapping skunks.  When a captured skunk sees anyone approaching it is more likely to spray in self defense.  With a covered trap you run less risk of this happening.  If the skunk captured in your live trap does spray, the live trap cover will give some protection from the skunk's spray.

A trapped animal can get quite distressed from the time it is captured until it is relocated or released in another location.  Since most of the animals captured in cat traps and raccoon traps naturally live or hide in tunnels, dens or other secluded areas, a trap cover makes them feel that they are hidden from view of enemies or predators.  This secluded feeling keeps most trapped animals from stressing to the point of injuring themselves or causing undue damage to your live animal trap.

The trap cover/ skunk trap cover is made of a tough, plastic material that resists damage from sunlight.  This material is also non-absorbent, making it less likely to trap and hold odors and easy to clean.
This professional trap cover is shipped in its collapsed, folded position that makes for easier transport and storage.  When it is needed, simply unfold the cover and place it over your trap.   If you choose to place the cover over your animal trap as it is being set, simply leave set the cover so that the entry door to the trap is visible and can be accessed easily.
Never intentionally leave a trapped animal in your trap for lengthy periods.  Heat, cold, flood or excesses of any kind can create cruel and sometimes dangerous conditions for your trapped animal.  Also, a trapped animal does usually have access to adequate food and water unless you have supplied your trap with these necessities.

Order Animal Trap, Skunk Trap Cover

The professional trap cover will work when using the 30 inch long trap and the 36 inch long trap.

Order Trap Cover for Live Animal Trap

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