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Traps on this page contain no pesticides or poisons.

Many situations can call for the use of a pesticide free or poison free pest management tool.  Sensitive areas often need control of roaches, spiders, silverfish, rodents and flies.  Hospitals are of course considered sensitive in nature but operating rooms, treatment areas and rooms where there are patients are very sensitive to pesticides.  Ants and flies are two major pests of these particular types of sensitive areas, with flies being the most obvious.  Flies can also pose disease and bacteria problems, more so than other urban pests.  Their ability to fly from one area to another and their ability to transmit germs and disease from patients, wounds, garbage, hazardous waste to other areas make them a definite hot spot for pest control service.  In these cases, the use of multiple ultraviolet fly traps that have non-toxic capture pads is a must.

Crawling insects can also be captured with various sticky traps or glue boards.  Traps for silverfish, spiders and fruit flies are designed with shapes or colors that are inviting to nearby pests.  Clothes moth and grain moth traps use specific pheromones to attract adult moths and capture them on glue pads.

For rodent control, there are many different traps available.  Snap traps (such as the T-Rex Rat Trap) can be used in certain areas but not should not always be used in what would be called a sensitive area.  You must consider that snap traps can release body parts, germs, etc. that are not exactly healthy around hospital treatment rooms or commercial food handling areas.  In many cases the use of snap traps are not legal.  Glue traps, glue boards and live rodent traps are preferred in these sensitive areas.

Pesticide free traps for dealing with insects, spiders, moths, rats, mice, silverfish, fruit flies.

Safeguard Humane Live Traps
For Nuisance Wildlife Control.  Sizes small to large; capture mice, squirrels, rodents, stray cats or dogs humanely.

Fly Traps
Ultraviolet rays emitted by professional traps are not harmful to people or pets.  These traps are more desirable than sprays for indoor fly control.

Grain Moth Trap
When moths are seen flying in homes (especially in kitchens or where grains, pet foods are stored or used) they are
one of the species of moths that are fond of grain products.  Often referred to as "flour moths" and are easily distinguished from clothes moths.  Adult clothes moths are rarely seen.  The damage to your fabrics caused by clothes moth larvae are signs of clothes moths -- not flying moths.

Clothes Moth Trap

This is actually a clothes moth alert.  If an adult moth is found on this trap, a thorough inspection of materials stored in the closet or other storage area is needed.

Spider, Silverfish Trap
Pesticide free trap does not contain any toxins or attractants.  The size of the trap and its placement is convenient for spiders to use as a hiding place, where they become stuck on the glue.

Bed Bug Monitor
This trap will alert you to the presence of bedbugs.  Not generally used for controlling large populations of bed bugs.

Mouse Glue Trap    Rat Glue Trap
When child or pet safety is a concern or in other areas where regulations will not allow the use of toxic baits or kill traps, mouse glue boards and rat glue trays are needed in rodent management.
Tin Cat, Humane Mouse Trap and Mouse Master (Ketch All) Wind Up Traps are also alternatives for reducing mouse populations in warehouses, storage sheds, homes -- any are where baits and kill traps pose a danger to children or non-target animals.

Snap Trap, Mouse  Mini T-Rex Mouse Trap  Snap Trap, Rat  T-Rex Rat Trap
Kill traps for mice and rats.  Not for use in commercial food handling areas.  Can be used in homes if kept out of reach of children and pets.


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