Davis Triple Pyrethrin Shampoo

Last updatedLast updated: July 13, 2022
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This is a concentrated, Pyrethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide lathering shampoo enriched with coconut extract, lanolin and Aloe.  Removes loose dandruff, dirt and scales.  Leaves the coat soft and shining.  Kills fleas, lice, and ticks on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  Our best flea killing shampoo for dogs and cats!
Horses and foals: Helps control stable flieshorse fliesdeer fliesface fliesgnats and mosquitoes.

Pyrethrins are derived from natural sources and provide a quick kill of insects, fleas, ticks.  Piperonyl Butoxide is not a pesticide but  is a synergist that helps the action of an insecticide by breaking down an insect’s ability to fight off the affects of the insecticide.

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