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Utilizing UV (Ultraviolet) Rays in
Flying Insect Control, Integrated Pest Management

The use of ultraviolet rays has been a major integrated pest management tool in eliminating certain flying insect pests, fruit flies, drain flies (or Moth Fly,) house flies in commercial kitchens, restaurants, lounges, hospitals and other structures.  By incorporating UV rays into an integrated pest management program, we are less dependent on insect sprays and insecticide dusts.  By using professional fly traps indoors we can limit insect sprays to more important areas: in and around dumpsters, in cracks around windows and doors on exterior of buildings.

When flies see ultraviolet light, they are naturally lured in the direction of the source of UV rays.  The light from an ultraviolet trap gives the fly the impression that it is flying in the easiest path.  Certain flies (such as the Vinegar Fly) are not impressed by ultraviolet.  That is why professional traps (Flytrap Professional, Luralite Fly Trap, Satalite Fly Traps) also incorporate pheromones in the trapping system.  Indoor flies will be attracted to either the UV rays or the fly pheromones.

Once attracted by UV rays, the insects must be captured, killed or contained.  Some of the first traps introduced would electrocute the flying insects on a grid.  These traps are still available and are more powerful and efficient than their original cousins.  The Exocutor Ultraviolet Fly Zapper and Insectaflash Ultraviolet Fly Zapper are excellent zappers; for areas that are hosed down regularly or where moist conditions are present the Splashproof Ultraviolet Fly Zapper is needed.

The main draw back to using a zapper (any fly trap that electrocutes flies) is sanitation.  There are bound to be tiny particles of dead insects in an area where this type of fly trap is used, which is totally unacceptable in food handling areas.  In commercial kitchens, a fly trap that captures flies instead of electrocuting them is cleaner.  The Fly Trap Professional offers powerful ultraviolet bulbs in a special unit which will attract fruit flies, gnats over a wide area.  This fly trap also uses sticky pads that are impregnated with a sexual pheromone that flies find hard to resist.  Replacement pads for the Flytrap Professional.

There are areas where the sight of captured flies is not desirable.  These front end areas need the use of a different type of fly trap.  There have been many different designs of front end type fly traps.  Most looked nice but did not capture flies.  There are two traps that blend in with public areas and will capture flies: Satalite Fly Trap and Luralite Fly Trap.  In dark night clubs the best trap to use is the Satalite, a trap that is more likely to blend in with the surroundings while trapping fruit flies, gnats, flies and other flying insects.  For well lit areas in restaurants and buffets, the Luralite is best.
Satalite replacement pads    Luralite replacement pads

Fly Trap: Integrated Pest Management for Fruit Flies, Fly ControlFor more information on different types of fly traps, fly control products and flies:

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